Friday, June 14, 2013

Meera injured

In Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, this week, Where Urmi is struggling with Kinjal and seepage, in Modi house Meera gets hurt which leads to the entry of some strangers. Rashi in her quest to show everyone that the carpenter and his family is causing all the trouble gets plastered behind the walls.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sandhya takes blame on herself

In Diya Aur Baati Hum, this week, Sooraj Meets DSP and discusses about Sandhya’s plans to appear for UPSC exams. Sandhya confronts Emily and Emily accepts her fault that due to her carelessness the shutter was left open. Later, Sandhya chances upon Mohit and Emily's Wedding video when she realises that Bhabho had fed her liqour chocolates. Sandhya realises that Bhabho is still not comfortable and happy about Sandhya's dream. At home, Sandhya declares that none from Meenakshi, Chhavi and Emily is guilty. Sandhya takes the blame on herself that she had left the shutter open. Bhabho declares that this is Sandhya's second mistake and now she'll break the 2nd matka.  Sooraj gets dejected about the second matka breaking. Later, however he realises that Sandhya must be in pain too and hence motivates her that they’ll save the third matka. On DSP’s advice, Sooraj subscribes to newspapers and magazines to help sandhya in her studies, for which bhabho fires Sooraj. Sandhya feels she is shaking up the relationship of Bhabho and Sooraj and gets into a dilemma, on one hand Sooraj is supportive and on the other hand Bhabho is upset – due to Sandhya’s Dream. Sooraj gets upset and goes to the ghat. Everyone wonders where Sooraj has gone.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Danny joins the celebrations

Guman tries to bad mouth Kumud and question her character to Gunn but SC stands up for Kumud and tells Guman to lay off. LK and VC decide that the marriage date needs to be fixed and we see SC take out the date of his marriage himself. But immediately after that Kumud has to go for a school picnic and SC gifts her a mobile so that they can stay in touch. SC finally finds a land to his liking but wants to do bhumi poojan on the day of his mother's birthday but then Kumud won't be able to be a part of the pooja as she's still away on the trip. Will Kumud be able to stand by the man she loves on his most important occasion? Also, Danny - SC's younger brother comes to Gujarat to join in the upcoming wedding celebrations.

Will the Vadheras succeed?

Vadheras manage to get Shree and Venkath's alliance by putting up the facade of being South Indian in front of Shree's family and in front of Vikram's family they put a facade that Shree is a their daughter and is a Punjabi. But eventually both Shree and Vikram's family gets to know about the truth and they break the alliance. Jeevika Viren in their way and Virat Maanvi in their style try to convince both the families.