Monday, October 14, 2013

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Akshara to deliver Mrs Chatto's baby

In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Akshara is leaving for Jaipur, she will  get a surprise  by Mrs. Chatto. 
Mrs. Chatto is pregnant and Akshara has to take the decision on the operation for her delivery..
 Naitik is stressed for his Photo Shoot for the jewellery catalogue, will he be able to convince Akshara, Gayatri and Bhabhi Maa for the same.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Madhubala 400 episodes celebration

Meena steals Chavi's jewelry

In Diya Aur Baati Hum this week, Meena steals Chavi’s jewelry and wears it to her cousin’s wedding. Incidentally Sooraj and Sandhya are also in the same wedding as Sooraj has got a mithai contract. Sandhya sees Meena wearing Chavi’s jewelry and reprimands her. Meena promises to return it back. In the wedding, Meena loses an earring which incidentally ends up in one of the mithais of Sooraj. Meena is tensed. Emily tells Chavi that Meena has taken her jewelry without informing her. Chavi is furious. Meena is very scared and as she lands up at the house after the wedding she is reprimanded by chavi. Chavi comes to know that Meena has lost one of the earrings. She asks her to pay for it. Meanwhile Sooraj and Sandhya come to know that the jewlery bought by Bhabho is fake as the jewlery loses its color. Bhabho reveals to the family that jewelry is fake. Chavi’s in laws come to take the marriage jewelry. Everyone is tensed.

Saras saves Kumud

In Saraswatichandra this week, Saras saves Kumud from the fire but. Pramad holds both of them at gun point. Somehow, they manage to escape but Pramad and Kalika start chasing them. They try hard to hide but finally a bullet hits Saras and he is unconscious. Now Pramad is about to kill Saras but in sudden dramatic turn, Kumud picks up an axe and challenges him that she will cut him into pieces if he comes near Saras. Pramad and Kalika are shocked. Some village women come for help and threaten pramad and kalika to stay away. Kalika convinces Pramad to leave as there are too many witnesses. Kumud & Saras take shelter in a hut but saras tells her to leave as Pramad will come back and attack them anytime but Kumud will not leave.They spent the entire night in that hut where Kumud takes care of SC. Meanwhile Pramad tells Buddhidhan and family that Kumud has eloped with her lover and they decide to visit Vidyachatur‘s house to confront them all. On the other side Vidyachatur and family are in shock to know the reality of Pramad that he had been cheating on Kumud and was pretending that he has reformed. Buddhidhan and family confront the Vidyachatur family and ask them where is Kumud, Just then Kumud arrives with Saras. Pramad and Kalika try to prove Kumud and Saras wrong. Pramaad on seeing himself getting stuck, gathers the village people and starts defaming Kumud before them, everyone sides with him and tells Kumud to prove her herself pure and innocent by giving an Agni Pariksha. But kumud denies to prove herself for a person like Pramaad who wanted to kill her and on the contrary announces she will file a police complaint against him. Everyone is taken aback. Cops arrest Pramad and Kumud heaves a sigh of relief. After this Saras decides to leave VidyaChatur’s house but Kumud is very upset with Saras going away and we have an intense parting moment between the two. On Saubhagyadevi’s consistent pressure, BuddhiDhan calls and asks for forgiveness and requests Kumud to take back the case against Pramaad. To everyone’s shock, she agrees but on the condition of a quick divorce. Saras  comes and confronts Kumud for getting Pramaad out go jail but Kumud explains that in return she will get the most important thing of her life and that's her freedom. Vidyachatur, DukhBa and Saras leave for Pramaad's house to get the divorce papers signed and Pramaad refuses to do so. Saras enraged and Kumud waiting at home for the divorce planning her life ahead.

Radha tries to burn Rashi

In Saath Nibhaana Saathiya this week, Amidst the disco Dandiya in chawl, Gopi Ahem tries to thaw the ice between Jigar Rashi, but Urmi plans a ploy in which she keeps paper cuttings in Rashi's bag, seeing which Jigar fumes in anger. Rashi refuses to attend the final Dandiya. Gopi is in a fix that the family will get skeptical seeing Rashi's absence for the auspicious event. Rashi reaches the Dandiya Pandal but she tells Gopi that by the end of Dandiya performance she is going to declare in front of the family that she is getting divorced from Jigar. Rashi refuses to perform Dandiya with Jigar, leaving the entire family in shock. Rashi performs the Matka Dandiya carrying earthen pot and burning Diya on her head. Gopi sees that Radha has pushed a lady on to Rashi putting her life under threat.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shock for Bhabho

As Bhabho and Babasa are on their way to deposit Chavis marriage jewelry in bank, a thug steals them. Bhabho and babasa are shocked but bhabho doesn’t give up, she peruses the thief. Finally the thief himself appears in front of them and throws the jewelry bag at them saying its worthless jewelry as all are fake. Bhabho and babasa are shocked to hear this. They rush to the shop from where it was bought but find the shop to be closed permanently. They rush to their sunar to find out if the jewelry is really fake as they are not ready to believe it. The sunar confirms and their fear comes true.

Bhabho can’t even go to the police station as she had got the jewelry on kachcha receipts.

Bhabho and babasa are in a fix. Babasa tells bhabho to take help from the family but they are both  disappointed as the family is busy in their own squabbles and fights. Babasa requests bhabho to take help from sooraj and sandhya but she refuses outright.

In her lost state bhbaho is saved from a major fire accident by sooraj. Sooraj feels something is wrong with bhabho and even tries asking her but she doesn’t tell him anything. Just then the mohalla ladies come and through them the family members and sooraj comes to know that bhabho was about to be robbed but was brave and saved her jewelry. Sooraj is very disturbed to see bhabho in this state. He still feels that bhabho is hiding something from everyone. He requests her to tell him everything so that he can help her out but bhabho refuses to and challenges him to find out what is wrong with her.