Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shock for Bhabho

As Bhabho and Babasa are on their way to deposit Chavis marriage jewelry in bank, a thug steals them. Bhabho and babasa are shocked but bhabho doesn’t give up, she peruses the thief. Finally the thief himself appears in front of them and throws the jewelry bag at them saying its worthless jewelry as all are fake. Bhabho and babasa are shocked to hear this. They rush to the shop from where it was bought but find the shop to be closed permanently. They rush to their sunar to find out if the jewelry is really fake as they are not ready to believe it. The sunar confirms and their fear comes true.

Bhabho can’t even go to the police station as she had got the jewelry on kachcha receipts.

Bhabho and babasa are in a fix. Babasa tells bhabho to take help from the family but they are both  disappointed as the family is busy in their own squabbles and fights. Babasa requests bhabho to take help from sooraj and sandhya but she refuses outright.

In her lost state bhbaho is saved from a major fire accident by sooraj. Sooraj feels something is wrong with bhabho and even tries asking her but she doesn’t tell him anything. Just then the mohalla ladies come and through them the family members and sooraj comes to know that bhabho was about to be robbed but was brave and saved her jewelry. Sooraj is very disturbed to see bhabho in this state. He still feels that bhabho is hiding something from everyone. He requests her to tell him everything so that he can help her out but bhabho refuses to and challenges him to find out what is wrong with her.

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