Thursday, March 28, 2013

Guess which STAR bahu we spotted playing Holi?...Its Hina Khan

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rhea in Mere Dad Ki Maruti

Latika lands in Adi's bedroom

In Pyaar Ka Dard Hai, this week, Harish recovers from the surgery and Avantika plans a get together at home. They are all waiting for Aditya to come and are shocked to see him pick Latika in his arms. Later in the night Latika manipulates and sneaks into Adi’s room. Rubal is shocked at this sight and asks Aditya and Pankhuri to leave the house as he feels Adi is a threat to Latika.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Saas Bahu competition

In Diya Aur Baati Hum this week, post Swami's revelation there is a Varshik Mahotsav in  Hanuman Gali where there is a Saas Bahu competition. So, Sandhya and Bhabho team up against Dhaisa and her Bahu. They eventually win. Here Meena reveals that Dhaisa’s bahu is actually pregnant. Next there is a Goad BHARAI rasam for Meena and Dhaisa’s bahu. Emily is building huge pressure on Mohit. Sandhya has a hit and miss where she is to find about Mohit and Emily.

Rashi saves Gopi's life

Rashi is expecting that now Gopi will call Rashi back to Modi house. But it doesn’t happen so, Rashi is furious and agitated. On the other hand, Dadi plans a Kumbh mela visit with whole family, which makes Gopi nervous and sad as she thinks Rashi will not be coming along with the family as Rashi has declined to come home. But Rashi comes to the entrance of Modi house and leaves for Kumbh mela with the Family. There Gopi tries to talk to Rashi but all efforts goes into vein. Rashi is in her own ego doesn’t talk to Gopi. Later there’s a threat to Gopi’s life as she is drowning and only Rashi will notice. Rest of the family is in the confusion that Gopi never went inside the water. Rashi is now in guilt that she didn’t hold her hand. Rashi takes a brave step and jumps in the water to save Gopi. And so she does save Gopi. Later both the sisters accept love for each other and  Rashi will say she will try and change her flaws.

Maanvi in hospital

Virat - Maanvi move out of the house and Dadaji asks them to stay in the out house. They start to settle down. Both the sisters and the brothers are pining for each. Jeevika goes to the out to meet Maanvi and Virat snaps her. Viren notices this and he takes Jeevika and asks her to stay away from Maanvi as it might strain Virat and Maanvi's relation. Jeevika agrees but later there is threat on Maanvi's life she saves her and takes her to the hospital. Virat thanks her and asks her to leave. Jeevika can't take this and she faints. Viren gets to know that both Jeevika and Maanvi are in hospital. He clears the hospital dues for Maanvi also, which Virat later goes to return him. Major showdown between the brothers happens. It's Maanvi's birthday and Jeevika brings the whole family together to celebrate her birthday.