Friday, March 1, 2013

Rashi saves Gopi's life

Rashi is expecting that now Gopi will call Rashi back to Modi house. But it doesn’t happen so, Rashi is furious and agitated. On the other hand, Dadi plans a Kumbh mela visit with whole family, which makes Gopi nervous and sad as she thinks Rashi will not be coming along with the family as Rashi has declined to come home. But Rashi comes to the entrance of Modi house and leaves for Kumbh mela with the Family. There Gopi tries to talk to Rashi but all efforts goes into vein. Rashi is in her own ego doesn’t talk to Gopi. Later there’s a threat to Gopi’s life as she is drowning and only Rashi will notice. Rest of the family is in the confusion that Gopi never went inside the water. Rashi is now in guilt that she didn’t hold her hand. Rashi takes a brave step and jumps in the water to save Gopi. And so she does save Gopi. Later both the sisters accept love for each other and  Rashi will say she will try and change her flaws.

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