Friday, March 1, 2013

Maanvi in hospital

Virat - Maanvi move out of the house and Dadaji asks them to stay in the out house. They start to settle down. Both the sisters and the brothers are pining for each. Jeevika goes to the out to meet Maanvi and Virat snaps her. Viren notices this and he takes Jeevika and asks her to stay away from Maanvi as it might strain Virat and Maanvi's relation. Jeevika agrees but later there is threat on Maanvi's life she saves her and takes her to the hospital. Virat thanks her and asks her to leave. Jeevika can't take this and she faints. Viren gets to know that both Jeevika and Maanvi are in hospital. He clears the hospital dues for Maanvi also, which Virat later goes to return him. Major showdown between the brothers happens. It's Maanvi's birthday and Jeevika brings the whole family together to celebrate her birthday. 

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