Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Amar's game plan exposed

The early morning sunrise brings along a lot of joy and enthusiasm to everyone inside the Bigg boss house. As they wake up and start with their daily chores, we see Mahek and Shraddha sitting and talking about Amar has changed his game and become a game player and a schemer plotting against every woman inside the house. Mahek tells Shraddha that she has seen Amar sit and discuss things with Sky as soon as he is out of the pink room. He would go discuss with Sky everything that the girls would talk which is in a manner very wrong. Shraddha adds on to say that she has noticed this double faced behavior of Amar for long now.
As the two shift out of Mahek’s room to the garden, Amar catches a glimpse of them talking and rushes in the garden to taunt them. He tells them that he know they have been bitching about him. Shraddha tells Amar that there are issues and being friends they should sit down and talk of the issues just like all friends do and not unnecessarily taunt each other. In his clearance, Amar tells Mahek that he has not been playing games with them but instead has been trying to understand Sky’s point of view and know what is cooking in his head.
As the scene shifts to the kitchen, we see Sidharth coming up to Sky to talk to him and the two start talking about Amar. They talk about how Amar has been jumping between the two of them switching his teams on and off. When the two are talking Sky tells Sidharth that Sidharth has crossed the line too many times now and that he has hurt Sky a lot. The both decide that they will now work with each other but not interfere too much in each other’s matters.
As the day progresses, Sky and Mahek are called inside the confession room and are served a lavish lunch and are asked to sort their differences out over lunch. The two instead end up fighting all the more and Mahek breaks down in front of Sky in the confession room to which Sky says that she is doing all this for nothing but for sympathy.
Sky comes out and tells Sidharth and Shonali what had happened in the confession room to which Sidharth replies back saying he was never given this chance. Shonali replies back to Sidharth’s comment saying that he has never been in a constant fight with anyone in the house unlike Mahek and Sky. Shraddha comes out and sees Sidharth sulking and tells him that Bigg Boss has done justice to him when required and referred to the Pooja Misrra issue.
A little later, Mahek and Shraddha are seen talking about the confession room talk that Mahek and Sky had and Mahek breaks down again. Mahek is then seen sitting in the garden with Sky and the two talk about all their differences and sort their issues out. Sky asks Mahek to let bygones be bygones and not dwell in their past but live for the future and shake hands for the future.
As the day ends we see Sky and Mahek joking about their fights in front of Amar, Juhi and Sunny and have a good laugh over all that they have done in the past.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bigg Boss 5- Sky causes more trouble in the house

The early morning song cheers up everyone in the house. But as soon as they freshen up, the day takes a twist that changes everyone’s chemistry inside the house.
Amar, Sidharth and Sky are seen sitting in the garden and talking when Sky starts pulling Sidharth’s leg. He tells Sidharth that he saw Shraddha and Sidharth talk hand in hand and mock unnecessary fun at him. Sidharth retaliates saying it was nothing but a very friendly gesture from Shraddha’s side and Sky should not unnecessarily make fun of it. Sidharth walks out of the conversation getting irritated since Sky begins to get personal.

After Sidharth goes inside he talks to Shraddha and tells her what had just happened in the garden. He tells Shraddha that Sky is doing nothing but spoiling his image. Mahek is also seen giving tips to Shraddha in a while and tells Shradhha that it is Juhi and Sky who are playing a double game. Seeing this Sky gets irritated with Sidharth and calls Sidharth an ‘evil guy’  and tells him that now even he will reveal what all Sidharth has spoken about other contestants in the house.

Seeing the confusion, Juhi asks Shraddha to confront Sky and cool the matter down. When Shraddha talks to Sky, she understands that the actual was different from what was being portrayed and ends up getting confused and breaks down. Sky tells Shraddha that it was all nothing but a joke.

Sky goes out and fights with Sidharth. They talk about events that have been going wrong inside the house and each ends up blaming other for the same. They also pop in the discussion of Shonali and Sidharth taunts Sky that now since Sidharth has had a fight with Shonali, Sky will eventually get close to her even though he was badmouthing her a few days back. Sky in return ends up blaming Sidharth for instigating the argument between him and Shraddha.

After all the confusion, Shraddha lashes out at Sky and both end up having a huge argument to which the entire house becomes a witness. Sky is so agitated that he threatens to leave the home, to which Sunny adds saying it would not be difficult for Sky to leave the house, but his mother who is watching the show would want him to stay back and fight for his right. Juhi tries calming both down but nothing works.

As the day progresses, the entire house is seen upset with all that had happened in the morning. But of all, Sky seemed the most irritated and refuses to do any task. This is when Mahek approaches him to cook dinner and when he refuses, Mahek asks him to cook his own food and eat if he wants to. He asks Mahek to get out of the room which irritates Mahek and she lashes out on him. He disgusts Mahek by calling her names and calling her a loser. 

To this Sunny says that she can’t help smiling and laughing at all these fights. As the day ends, Sunny is seen sitting in the garden with Juhi and Sky trying to tell them about her real identity, but they both refuse to listen and ask her to keep shut. They tell her that whatever she might be, she is their friend at the end of the day and that they love her no matter what.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Sky and Amar turn friends

The day starts with Sky talking to the housemates post Pooja Misrra’s forceful exit about nominating Sunny as the new captain. The housemates start discussing the new nominee for captaincy. While the housemates are debating the same, Bigg Boss announces the new captain of the house according to his discretion. The housemates are a little shocked but accept it without arguing.
Post the announcement, the weekly nominations take place where in Bigg Boss calls the captain first to directly nominate a candidate. After that Bigg Boss calls all the boys in the confession room and asks them to nominate two names for direct nomination. This creates confusion amongst the boys, as they find it hard to come to a common conclusion. Finally after a while, the three boys come to a conclusion and arrive at a decision.
As usual post the nominations the housemates start the blame game and begin to justify reasons behind the nominations. The housemates keep arguing as they feel it was unfair on the boys to randomly nominate people based on their personal likes and dislikes. In sometime, after things cool down a little Sunny and Sky are seen discussing something rather personal. Sunny whispers to Sky and tells him that he is a really close friend of hers and she can’t lie to him anymore.
She tells Sky that she had lied about a minute thing about her past to him and the rest of the housemates. While she was about to confess, Sky interrupts and tells her that he knows and the others do not need to know about her past life experience as this show doesn’t need one to reveal the same. Sunny gets a little taken aback, but she responds to Sky’s answer with a lovely smile. The converstion does not prolong after that.
Shonali & Siddharth are then seen in the green room confronting each other. Siddharth blames Shonali for playing a very diplomatic double game with the housemates. He feels that Shonali is very good with twisting her words with time. Shonali retaliates by justifying that she expresses her feelings only to people she is comfortable with. The both argue for a while until Siddharth gets fed up of her nonsense and walks off.
Shonali is then seen bitching about Siddharth to Juhi. The duo discuss that Amar is fair as he admits openly about him playing games with everyone but Siddharth just pretends to the nice guy. Meanwhile, Sky and Siddharth have a healthy laughter over a smoke about Shraddha and her actions. The bad boys come together in bitching about her. The day ends with Amar & Sky plotting a game plan for the coming week’s nominations. Seems like the former enemies have now turned into best buddies, probably to win the show.

Mahesh Bhatt follows Sunny Leone to the Bigg Boss House

Ever since Sunny Leone expressed interest in exploring opportunities in Bollywood, directors have been queuing up to sign the adult film actress for their next ventures. However, director Mahesh Bhatt seems to have beaten the rest of the bandwagon. The veteran filmmaker is so keen on working with Sunny Leone that he will be following her to the Bigg Boss House where she currently resides. Mahesh Bhatt, who clearly has an eye for talent – given that he has successfully created iconic stars John Abraham, Bipasha Basu, Kangana Ranaut, and Emraan Hashmi among others – sees a potential in Sunny Leone as the lead for his upcoming film ‘Jism 2’.

Since Bigg Boss 5 reaches it finale in early January 2012 and Sunny Leone has entered the house as a contestant, Mahesh Bhatt was eager to gauge if she has the ability and inclination to be the lead actress of Jism 2. Hence he approached COLORS’ Bigg Boss team to see if a meeting could be arranged with the international beauty, who willingly accepted his offer. While the Bigg Boss house has witnessed a lot of activities in the previous seasons, including marriages, hookups and breakups, this is the first time ever that viewers will get to see a business deal, especially a movie deal, being signed inside the house.

Speaking about this landmark move to discuss a movie deal on national television, director Mahesh Bhatt said, “Jism 2 is the story of a woman who transcends from the 'body' to the 'soul’. For Jism 2, I wanted to approach an actress who not only has the physical attributes, but also the emotional 'edge' to carry off the complexity of the role. While I have leading Bollywood actresses eager to essay this role, I was keen to also discuss this proposal with a confident, professional new comer like sunny who has expressed interest in making a Bollywood debut."

So will Mahesh Bhatt’s efforts to approach Sunny Leone be successful and will Jism 2 mark her Bollywood debut?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Movie prediction for The Dirty Picture

Now this one’s a biopic on the life of the South Indian movie siren Silk Smitha.

Will the story of a doomed sex symbol and Indian sexploitation films of the 1980’s appeal to the new generation ?.

Our in-house expert and noted astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts the fate of this Milan Luthria directed sleaze fest produced by Ekta Kapoor: 

“The title ‘THE DIRTY PICTURE’ is adding up to Number 55 – this octave of Number 1 is a number of contradictions. It symbolizes a person of great promise and possibilities who is likely to see all taken away from him unless he carefully arrange for the future. It also indicates loss through trust in others, opposition and competition in trade, danger of loss through law and the likelihood of having to begin life's road over and over again. It is not a fortunate number” explains Bhavikk.

“Simply going by the meaning of it, seems like the age old adage of ‘sex always sells’ may not prove right in this case and the film may cut a sorry..err..dirty picture at the box office when it comes to ‘universal’ acceptance of the subject” predicts Bhavikk.

But wait…

He continues “Luckily, the year 2011 which adds up to Number 4 (Rahu) has proved lucky for most Number 1, 2, 4 and 7 people, places, names etc. and most of the cast and crew involved with this film fit in to this bracket directly which will act as a sign of relief”.

“In her 34th year, Vidya Balan (1st January 1978) is going through the best phase of her life. She began the year with a bravura act in “No One Killed Jessica’ and will end with a stellar performance in this film. She will be able to carry the role of Silk with gusto and there is simply no doubt about it” claims Bhavikk.

“Fresh from the success of his last film Murder 2, Emraan Hashmi (24th March 1979) is also passing through a great phase and his luck is likely to rub off on the film too. Not only that, his acting skills will be well appreciated by one and all”.

“Tusshar Kapoor (20th November 1976) who has just entered his 36th year will also tend to gain a lot from this project since he is a Number 2 (Moon) person and his destiny number adds up to Number 9 (Mars) which will prove beneficial for him” quips Bhavikk.

“Last but not the least, producer Ekta Kapoor’s (7th June 1975) ‘stars’ are in such full form that being in her 37th year, any product she touches will turn in to ‘gold’. Yes, it’s that good !”  

“Do I say anything more ?” questions Bhavikk before signing off. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bigg Boss 5 gets dirty

Pooja Misrra asked to leave Bigg Boss 5

Well the whole country is now talking about the initially not so famous Pooja Misrra. The model has won several hearts in the country and abroad. She has acclaimed this fame via her obnoxiously violent and erratic behavior every now & then. When Pooja Misrra came into the Bigg Boss house, very few would’ve guessed her sudden shift in character with time. Pooja Misrra spent eight long weeks in the Bigg Boss house. She has been seen in various Avatars in the past, not to forget the infamous joker look which she did carry off quite commendably. With captaincy comes maturity, but with Pooja Misrra, it was just the other way round. Her captaincy seemed to be irritating Sidharth, this was when Pooja Misrra decided she would talk to Sidharth about it. But instead of talking, it turns out that the two ended up having an argument and that was when Pooja Misrra lost her cool and turned violent towards Sidharth. It had just been a couple of days since Sky declared to Sidharth about Pooja Misrra having a soft corner for him, but it seems like Pooja Misrra’s ego overpowered her soft corner and she could not help hating Sidharth more than ever. Her violence towards Sidharth resulted in her being asked to leave the Bigg Boss house. We wish that the other contestants inside the house take this by an example and will now have a total control over their avid reactions.

Pooja Bedi eliminated

When the Season 2 host turned out to be a Season 5 guest celebrity, everyone expected her to win since she was the only contestant who had known the show in and out and had mastered the tricks of the trade. But alas, the tall lady proved everyone wrong and has been evicted out of the Bigg Boss house this week. She has been the most dignified and well mannered lady who always stood up for what is right and never let anyone point a finger at her or any of her close ones in the show. From performing in tasks to sorting out the fights inside the house, Pooja has always been just.  Her age that brings along maturity, worked well for her inside the house, especially while dealing with someone like Sidharth, who is the kid on the show. She has always acted as per the circumstances and has never been too judgmental in any of her decisions. It had been long since the mother of two had been complaining about missing her kids and wanting to go back before her kid’s birthday, who knew that her stars would shine bright at the right time and all her wishes will be granted. She made a lot of new friends on the show, but those who would always stay close to her heart would be Sky and Juhi. Surviving inside the house for 54 days, Pooja Bedi is not only taking back a lot of wonderful memories but in turn is also leaving a lot more behind. We hope Pooja takes back wonderful memories of the house and goes back to living a life outside the house with a lot more balance and sternness.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Emraan goes shopping

Emraan Hashmi went on a promo overdrive for The Dirty Picture in Delhi a few days back creating mass hysteria - from visiting the Parliament to travelling on the Delhi Metro to seeking blessings at the Nizamuddin Dargah. Minutes before his prayers, he decided to do it the right way by buying himself a white kurta from a shop close to the Dargah. For once, there was nothing dirty about what Emraan bhai did!

Clash between Sidharth-Pooja Misrra

It’s a new morning in the house, and with the new day comes a new row. As soon as the day starts, Sidharth is seen cribbing about how he would not want to follow the orders of the new captain – Pooja Misrra. He tells her how he would not want to do the dishes and would instead take up the responsibility of making lunch with the help of another person. Pooja Misrra sorts this out with Amar and Pooja Bedi and asks Sidharth to cook lunch and not do the dishes instead.

Pooja Bedi and Sunny are seen sitting in the garden together when Pooja Bedi asks Sunny to take care of Sky once she is out of the house.
Soon the scene moves towards the kitchen where Sidharth and Sky are seen having a sarcastic conversation. Sky is seen telling Sidharth in an affluent manner that he would want to come down to Delhi and meet Sidharth to which Sidharth replies back saying that he is not scared of anyone and that Sky can come with whoever and whenever he wants to. Both end up having an argument and Sky tells Sidharth what a big ‘Copy cat’ he is. Sky taunts Sidharth again about the comments that Salman had made last weekend and tells him that how can he still be a part of the house even after so much humiliation. Seeing this Pooja Bedi walks inside the kitchen and asks Sidharth not to find reasons to fight with everyone early in the morning.

They both continue to argue while sitting in the garden with other housemates. Sidharth taunts Sky that he has no career and has no shows to do, but Sidharth being a VJ has an audience who looks up to him. Sidharth continues to poke Sky and tells him that if Sky crosses his limits, then it won’t take Sidharth any longer to reveal what Sky had spoken about Pooja Bedi. Juhi and Pooja Bedi then join the argument too, trying to be the peace-makers.

After a while, Amar and Sidharth are seen talking in the pink room talking about how Sky is nothing but a gutless man. Amar tells Sidharth that Sky can only poke fun at girls and have fights with the girls in the house, but he can never fight with the male contestants inside the house. They talk of how Sky has over done his stay with his scheming nature and that it’s high time he stops this nonsense. Sidharth goes on to tell Amar that Sky had badmouthed about Amar as well to Sidharth. Amar calls Sky a ‘Barking Dog, that seldom bites’ and says that he will only say things that make no sense but will not be able to do anything when time comes. The two also talk about how Pooja Bedi’s affection for Sky has been growing and how the two look like nothing less than a couple. Sidharth and Amar go on to discuss how they would avenge Sky soon and make sure that Sky has a taste of his own medicine soon.
As the day progresses, Sunny is called in the confession room to talk about her stay in the house. She breaks down while talking about her family and says that she misses them a lot. She says that the contestants inside the house are nothing more than just fellow contestants and that she is hiding her true identity because people around are too judgmental and that if she reveals anything about her life, they will immediately draw a negative image about her.

After coming out of the confession room, Sunny asks Juhi to sing a song for her after lunch and feels good bonding with everyone in the house.
Sidharth and Pooja Misrra are seen having a huge argument as Sidharth behaves rudely towards Pooja Misrra. She calls Sidharth in her room to discuss if Sidharth is unhappy about her captaincy and asks him for a reason. Sidharth replies back saying that he would not want to talk about it now but will tell her next week and walks out of the room with further discussions.

Amar, Shonali, Sidharth and Mahek are seen sitting and imitating Sky, Juhi and Pooja Bedi. Amar and Sidharth imitate how Pooja Bedi advises Sky and Mahek imitates the animated conversation that Juhi and Pooja Bedi always have with each other.  

As the day ends, Pooja Bedi and Sky hug each other and Pooja Bedi tells Sky that they are each other’s best buddies and would definitely miss each other. Sky replies back to this saying Pooja Bedi is the sweetest person in the house.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sunny performs pole dance

The day starts with the famous song- ‘tip tip Barsa Pani’. The housemates wake up dancing and grooving to the tunes of this song. Sunny is seen sitting with Pooja Bedi on the dining table. She brings up Kim Kardashian’s topic and asks Pooja if she knows her real claim to fame. Pooja Bedi gives a witty smile as she responds by saying she knows what Sunny is talking about. Sunny slyly asks her if the Indian audience would accept such a celebrity who is also from an Indian origin. Pooja Bedi tells her that the Indian audience is very conservative and may not support such an act.
On the other side Sky, Pooja Bedi and Pooja Misrra strike a conversation. Sky taunts Pooja Misrra by asking her to apologize for the mistakes she had made in the past. Pooja Misrra says she has already apologized whenever she needed to and tells Sky that even he needs to apologize for calling her a dumb woman etc. Pooja Bedi intervenes and tells both of them to calm down and say sorry to each other. The duos agree, say sorry and make up.
Mahek is seen gossiping with Sunny in the pink room. Mahek makes Sunny understand that she is not like the others and doesn’t feel the need to force her to get her vote for captaincy. She still requests Sunny to feel free and vote for her only if she feels Mahek deserves to be the captain.  Meanwhile, in the green room a different game was being played where Siddharth was being assaulted by Sky, Pooja Bedi and Juhi Parmar. Siddharth gets into a heated argument with Sky and things get a little ugly between the former – ‘bros’.
 After the fight, the captain nominations take place. The new captain for the coming week is appointed. Sky taunts Mahek for being desperate to be captain. He also accuses her of going back on her word of appointing Pooja Misrra as the new captain and teases her by saying that her cruel intentions were caught by him. Mahek gets extremely pissed off and lashes out at Sky’s demeaning words. Mahek then breaks down and ides herself in the bathroom. Juhi, Shonali & Amar go and console her.
After things cool down a little, Sunny Leone performs a sensual pole dance for all the housemates on a nice and slow track. The housemates have a ball in watching Sunny perform at her best. The boys go gaga over her and the girls too drool over her amazing performance. Post the entertainment, Juhi confronts Sky for the fight between him and Mahek. Sky retaliates and walks off. After sometime, Sky cools down and apologizes to Juhi for her behavior. The day ends as Pooja Bedi and Sky are seen up close and personal, where Pooja Bedi applies eyedrops for Sky, gives him the tightest hug and tells him that ‘we all love you’.

Stars at childrens day event

A fun afternoon planned for the 400 odd children from orphanages and NGOs across Mumbai  by the youth committee ‘Vaayu’ of NMIMS, left the participants and guests wanting for more.
Present on this occasion were Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, Yukta Mookhey and Aadesh Srivastava, Shraddha Sharma kept all in raptures with her ‘Main Tenu Samjhava Ki’, ‘ Kuch iss tarah’ and ‘Haal-e-dil’…
MLA Krishna Hegde and Siddharth Kannan took to the stage and cheered the children with words of encouragement  . RJ Prachi of Radio One had the children competing with an ‘Antakshiri’ encore.
There were a bevy of interesting line ups from Magic show and song and dance performance, mimickry and more…Hrishitta Bhatt and Sushant Singh were seen having a good time.
Lehar Tawde, Co-Director of Vaayu ’ 12 said, ” Its amazing to see what we can achieve if we put our hearts and mind to – There’s nothing stopping the children today in making their country proud – They Will Make It Happen .’

Jennifer Winget's film debut

Raahat Kazmi has completed the shoot of his new film Love Kiya Aur Lag Gayi made under the banner of Shri Ram Entertainment at Hyderabad .The film is produced by Harish Sharma and the film has debutant actors Jennifer Winget and Vinod Dixit along with Saurabh Shukla,Raja Hassan,Pawan Malhotra,Mukesh Tiwari and others.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pooja Missra in love with Sidharth?

The day begins on a lovely track from the movie Rangeela. Everyone wakes up dancing to the song with each other.
As the day progresses Amar, Sidharth, Sunny and Sky are seen sitting with each other after lunch. The four are generally talking about Sunny’s life in Hollywood and how she has managed to reach where she is right now. She tells them that when she was at the start of her career she had two choices – to study or to become a model. She chose the latter and now has her own Production house. To this, Sky jokes that he is just a call away for Sunny. She can call him anytime she wants and he would be ready to come to Hollywood. Sunny also mentions that she keeps getting Bollywood offers every now and then, but Bigg Boss was the only offer that she found respectable enough and did not reject.
After their talk, Sky and Amar split and have a general conversation over Shonali and Sidharth. Sky tells Amar how Sidharth has never been a part of his story. He tells Amar that anytime he, Pooja Bedi and Juhi would plan something out; they would not include Sidharth in the picture. He admits to the fact that Sidharth observes him and behaves in a manner that resembles Sky. He warns Amar that now Sidharth has been aping him and has begun behaving like the next ‘Amar’ of the house, but what he does not know is that he is too impatient and immature to do that.
After a while, Pooja Bedi, Sky, Amar and Sunny are seen sitting inside the room and laughing at the way Shraddha talks. Soon Juhi joins the conversation too and Sky gets to up to imitate Shraddha’s dance and the way she talks.
The daily task was launched in the evening post which Juhi was seen upset with the consequences of the task. Amar and Sky discuss Juhi’s distress with Pooja Misrra over the dinner to which Pooja Misrra replies that juhi should understand that no one here is playing fair games and that she should not take such things personally. Sky gets upset over Pooja Misrra’s comments and tells her that she never understands anyone’s feelings. Both end up arguing which leads to Pooja Misrra walking away from the dining table.
She goes out in the garden and talks to Sidharth about what had just happened on the dining table with Sky. Since Sidharth does not talk or reply back, Pooja Misrra walks away from the scene irritated with Sidharth too. Post this Sidharth and Pooja Misrra are seen having a heated argument since Pooja Misrra thinks that Sidharth is doing nothing but shadowing Sky and just following his instructions. To this, Sidharth replies back saying she is nothing but a footage queen and that she is doing all this only to get extra mileage on the show.
Soon Shraddha and Shonali enter the room and Pooja Misrra is seen discussing the argument she just had with Sky and Sidharth. While talking to the two, Pooja Misrra is seen quite upset over the matter and decides to walk out of the room and heads to the washroom. After a while, Sidharth is seen pacifying Pooja Misrra in the washroom and they both patch up.
The day ends with Sky and Sidharth talking about Pooja Misrra and how she has been acting weird. Sky tells Sidharth that Pooja Misrra has definitely fallen for him. He tells Sidharth that it was a cake walk for him to pacify Pooja Misrra since she has definitely fallen for him and that she has a soft corner for him.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kashmera Shah beats up reality show contestant

It’s been quite some time Kashmera Shah has been done and over with Rakhi Sawant and Bigg Boss, but the gal still seems to have a strong hangover from the House of Scandal. While shooting her latest reality show Steal Ur Girlfriend for Channel [V], Kash, who anchors it in true-blue chick-flick style, actually beat up a contestant called Atirek Sharma.

Reason? “The guy just didn’t understand how to sweep a girl off her feet,” Kash snaps, as if justifying her actions.

Hitting Atirek Sharma on his head, Kash got so involved in the show’s proceedings that she started laughing an evil laughter while punching the poor guy who didn’t know whether to cry or get turned on as Kash was right on top of him. As the baffled contestant took a breather, she looked him in the eye, gave a wicked stare and ruffled his hair like a mischievous kid.

Emraan Hashmi joins Parliment

Trust Balaji to come up with the most innovative and clutter-breaking ways of promoting its films.
The Dirty Picture has been yet another case in point.

Today for the first time ever a film promotion will take place at the Parliament in Delhi. Emraan Hashmi  is expected to engage in a media interaction at the Parliament followed by a meeting with the PWD Minister.

Thereafter he will board the Delhi metro to Rajiv Chowk. The metro will carry special branding of The Dirty Picture with the band-baajas playing "Ooh La La" and "Ishq Sufiyana".

From Rajiv Chowk, Emraan heads to the holy Nizamuddin Dargah to seek blessings for the release of his film. Later this evening, he will greet fans at a mall in Gurgaon.

Given that Emraan was mobbed a few weeks back in Delhi while shooting for a Mukesh Bhatt production, the organisers are expecting mass hysteria today, and have left no stone un-turned in making appropriate security arrangements. 

Remarks Emraan, "The Dirty Picture just the film for the fun-loving north-wallahs who want entertainment, entertainment and entertainment."

Bigg Boss 5-Sunny impresses housemates

The starts with yet another exciting wake up song. All the housemates especially the girls wake up and dance to the tunes of the song with much enthusiasm. Amar, Mahek, Sky and Juhi are seen near the exercising area where Amar is working out. A sly Sky starts taunting Amar by say rather nasty things about his career ahead of Bigg Boss in a not so funny manner. Amar listens carefully but does not react. Sky goes on about how Amar would suffer once he gets Amar out of Bigg Boss and laughs in his trademark devilish manner.
Sky goen on about Amar and also involves Mahek and mocks the way she talks. Sky taunts Amar by caling Shraddha his girl friend.  Amar doesn’t accept this jovially and retaliates by saying that all the girls in the Bigg Boss house are just his friends and nothing more. Sky then picks on Amar by pairing him up with Vida and all the touching and intimacy Vida used to share with him. Amar gets pissed off and says that it is pure friendship and he is a happy and dedicated to his marriage. After Sky leaves the scene Amar expresses how low and dirty Sky can fall to gain attention and tells everyone that he will just ignore Sky from then onwards.
After a while, Sky, Siddharth and Sunny are seen hanging out near the bathroom area. Sky persuades Sunny to find him a bride just like her. He asks her if she has a single sister who is ready to mingle. Sunny tells him that she has a few single cousins who are also from Indian origin but they are a little picky about their guys. Sky convinces Sunny that he would manage to be picked by her cousin and all she needs to do is help him out by getting to meet her. Sunny smiles and the three walk out of the bathroom area laughing.
Pooja Misrra is also in the bathroom area during this conversation. While walking out Siddharth requests Pooja Misrra to make breakfast for all the housemates. Pooja Misrra tells Siddahth she would make breakfast only after she will bathe. Siddharth immediately complains to the captain- Amar. Amar who is showering at the time instructs Pooja Misrra that she needs to make breakfast first and then go for a shower. A sulking Pooja Misrra Agrees and walks out to make breakfast.
In sometime, Sky is seen in the captain’s room with Amar. He fakes an apology and starts bitching about Siddharth to him. Sky goes on about how childish Siddharth’s behavior is turning out to be and his immaturity in dealing with girls is visibly very poor. They both express how Siddharth has been switching his sides towards the different groups in the house without realizing the consequences.
Meanwhile, Sunny, Juhi, Pooja Bedi and Siddharth are seen chilling in the garden area. They were all talking about Sunny and her amazing looks. Juhi Parmar then commented by saying that Sunny is perfect for bollywood as she has a charming face, cuteness, innocence and the much needed freshness. Pooja Bedi and the rest also agreed immediately. Sunny smiles and explains that no matter how much she would love to work in bollywood, she feels it is not an easy job at all. The rest of the housemates encourage her by saying that she will learn everything with time and there was no need to worry.
Sunny is then seen inside the house mopping the floor rather dedicatedly along with Siddharth. The weekly task is then introduced by Bigg Boss to the housemates. Amar as the captain takes charge and announces the task for the housemates. The housemates have a hearty laugh and move on. The day ends on a happy note, where Sunny is admired and complimented by Juhi, Sky etc for being a complete cute heart and spreading her warm smile and winning all their hearts. Sky assures her that he or anyone would never vote for her nominations because of her cuteness.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Prediction for Desi Boyz

May be they have a ‘reason’, but this one’s a story of two men who are forced to do something extremely bizarre.

But the point is, are we ready to watch our mainstream heroes play the role of ‘male escorts’ ?.

Our in-house expert and noted astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts the fate of debutant Rohit Dhawan’s maiden venture: 

“The title ‘DESI BOYZ’ is adding up to Number 30 – which is neither fortunate nor unfortunate. It indicates strong mental faculties of a person. But that person will have the tendencies to put all materials things on one side, not because he has to, but because he wishes to do so. This number can be powerful or indifferent depending upon the will or desire of the person” explains Bhavikk.

“Going simply by the interpretation, it means this film will be ‘accepted’ by a certain section of the audience (mainly the English speaking or people living in urban areas) while most others may not be able to digest the very concept of the movie” predicts Bhavikk.

He continues “Talking about performances, Akshay Kumar in his 45th year (9th September 1967) has now entered in to a decent phase of his life and hence will be loved for his portrayal of such a character for the first time in his career”.

“Not anywhere behind, John Abraham will give a ‘forceful’ act (pun unintended) and will be highly praised for his performance as being in his 39th year (17th December 1972), his luck is in top form”.

“Amongst the leading ladies – both Deepika Padukone (5th January 1986) and Chitrangda Singh (30th August 1976) would also be appreciated for their work and will get their share of ‘taarifs’.

“Overall, this film will be a treat especially for the city based youth and will prove to be good time pass entertainer for them. Nothing much beyond that !”signs off Bhavikk on a straight forward note. 

Manoj Bajpai upsets Nawab of Bijnor

When the team of Lanka was shooting in Bijnor. The Nawab of Bijnor who is a big fan of Manoj Bajpai landed on the sets with home cooked food to meet the actor. Manoj was engrossed in going through the dialogues for the next scene. 
The Nawab went to talk to Manoj to tell him about the delicacies that he had himself prepared. Manoj didn't pay much attention as he thought it was another fan who had walked in. Manoj left and went inside his van. The Nawab who felt insulted told his staff to put the food back in the car and take it home. The Nawab left the sets in anger and later when Manoj heard the whole story tried to get in touch with the Nawab quite a few times but seemed he was upset and refused to answer any calls. 
Manoj Bajpai confimed the incident, "I had no idea that the Nawab who is a fan had come to see me. If I knew I would love to meet him and eat the food that he had prepared for me. I tried calling him but was told he is upset and I missed out on the food too so I would say it's entirely my loss."

Bigg Boss 5-Contestants bond with Sunny

On the day of nominations, we see Vida bid adieu to the Bigg Boss house. After the evictions we see Sky, Juhi, Pooja Bedi and Sidharth having a casual chat when Amar enters and Sky tells Amar that the way Vida had been behaving throughout the show with Amar it depicted Amar in a negative light and showed that he is characterless. Both the men enter into an argument when Mahek comes and pulls Amar away and asks him not to stoop down to Sky’s level and have an unnecessary argument with Sky. Juhi comments on this act of Mahek saying she is the one who is seen fighting and pouncing in the house half the times and she acting like a peace-maker now looks just so contradictory.
In the evening we see beautiful Sunny entering the Bigg Boss house in a grand manner. She is seen dancing on a Bollywood number and is wearing a fine traditional Indian outfit. The housemates are extremely excited as they think she is their ‘New Vida’ and think her to be the perfect replacement for Vida. Sky does not miss his chance of luring Sunny to be a part of his room, when the entire house was still just trying to know her well. The housemates are seen quite happy with their new fellow contestant and are seen bonding with her really well.
As the next day begins, Amar is seen explaining to Sunny her duty of keeping the house clean being a part of Bigg Boss.
Early in the morning as the day begins, Sky and Shonali have a huge argument.  Sky thinks that Shonali is upset with him as he had nominated her the previous week for evictions where as Shonali says that she has forgotten it all long back. Sky is generally irritated with Shonali and has been behaving upset ever since the ‘Rajneeti’ task ended. Sky does not leave a chance to mock at her and calls her dumb and keeps repeating that she has an image of changing her rooms and forgetting all the wrong that she has done in the past. Sunny tries interfering and stopping the two, but nothing works. Sky goes on to tell Shonali that she is doing nothing but aping Mahek. Shonali could not listen to all that Sky was saying about her and broke down. Amar, Mahek and Sidharth manage to console her and calm her down.
As the day progresses, we see Sunny getting used to the Bigg Boss house and its contestants. Sunny has spent most of her time talking and understanding things from Sidharth and hence feels comfortable with him. Sidharth is seen teaching her Hindi and also shares with her the cultural values of India and talks to her about the heritage of India.
The nominations then take place and we then see Juhi, Pooja Bedi, Sky and Sidharth talking to Sunny and explaining the eviction nominations procedure to her. The four of them also tell her that they really like her and like her company too.
As the day ends, we see Sidharth chatting with Pooja Misrra and Sunny and telling them how he does not like anything going wrong around him. While Sidharth is seen saying this outside, Sky bitches to Pooja Bedi and Juhi telling them that Sidharth has changed all of a sudden. When Juhi tells him that it’s all because of the game, Sky says that it is not because of the game, but it is generally how Sidharth. He also tells them how Sidharth had made a plan against Juhi and Pooja Bedi  and Sky was the one who stopped him and told him he does not want to listen to any of it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunny Leone's grand entry in the Bigg Boss house

Vida's entry had left the contestants shocked and sad enough. They had lost a dear and charming Hollywood friend even before they could get to know more about her. This was when Sunny planned to enter the Bigg Boss house and in a grand way. She danced on the famous 'Chaliya Chaliya' track and made sure that her entry was entertaining enough to make the sad faces smile bright. Carried by 8 men on their shoulders, Sunny entered the Bigg Boss house in a traditional Indian attire sitting daintily inside a doli. Soon as she entered the Bigg Boss house, she gelled well with everyone inside the house. Contestants were so impressed that they immidiately started inviting her to stay with them in their rooms. Sunny's entry in the Bigg Boss house bought back smile on everyone's faces. We hope Sunny has a bright and sunny stay inside the Bigg Boss house.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Vida waves goodbye

John Abraham-Salman Khan patch up on Bigg Boss 5

The rivalry between John Abraham and Salman Khan has been in the news for a long time now. But one look at John and Salman hugging and dancing together in Bigg Boss 5 and it is difficult to believe that there is any tension between the two actors. Seems like it is patch up time in Bigg Boss 5 tonight

Sunny Leone enters the Bigg Boss house

The winter sun is bringing along a lot of excitement for the Bigg Boss housemates as well as our viewers this season. With its unending twists and fun celebrities in the Bigg Boss house the housemates are in for a pleasant surprise. Till now the housemates have been involved in infinite fights and arguments but it will be interesting to see how the housemates behave once the famous adult film star – Sunny Leone enters the Bigg Boss house.

With the promise to be herself while enjoying the attention that the boys are undoubtedly going to shower her with, Sunny seems all set to enter the house to not only wow the housemates with her confidence but all win the hearts of the audiences. The ladies too may try and look as sensual as possible in order to keep the camera’s attention.

Many would feel that Sunny Leone’s entry might curb the amount of quarrels and issues in the house. When asked, Bigg Boss 5's newest contestant, Sunny Leone said, "I am really glad to be associated with Bigg Boss 5, one of the biggest reality shows on Indian television especially because its handled very professionally. I am going to attempt to bring some humour and much-needed glamour into the house - something that is currently lacking. Through Bigg Boss, I would like to try to improve my Hindi and learn to cook some great Indian food. Bigg Boss is my attempt to connect with the Indian audiences and show them that I am just as conservative as they are regardless of the career path that I have chosen."

So will this international contestant win the hearts of the housemates and the audiences and survive right till the end?

Bigg Boss 5-Sidharth-Mahek jailed

The morning Sun usually brings along peace and tranquility, but inside Bigg Boss house, this seems to be a rare occasion. As the day begins, we see Mahek and Sidharth carrying on with the fight they were having yesterday. Mahek calls Sidharth a baby and tells him that she has been silently watching his indecent behavior from days now but did not want to tell him anything thinking he is a kid. When finally Sky takes Sidharth along to jail him is when Mahek’s soul finds peace and she goes and tells Sky that he is indeed playing a fair game.

Once Sidharth is out of jail, it is Mahek’s turn to go inside. She does go in but comes out in while and refuses to go back. She fights with Sky asking him to jail Sidharth as well and only then would she go back. When Mahek refuses the jail, Sky gets irritated and refuses to carry on with the weekly task.

Sky goes and talks to Amar about the same but Amar has his doubts whether Sky would jail Sidharth later and hence puts forth the idea of jailing both together. After much discussion, Sky decides to jail Sidharth and Mahek together.

After being inside the jail for a while, Sidharth probably realizes that fighting with everyone around is not good and hence he sorts his issues out with Pooja Misrra. When Pooja Misrra walks back after talking to Sidharth, Sky tries to poach Pooja Misrra and sweet talks her into becoming a part of his team. Pooja Misrra patiently listens to all that Sky has to say and goes back to having her own way out.

Sky has been strategizing for long now to win the weekly task and thinks that if even one of Amar’s contestants becomes a part of his team then he can walk away with the luxury budget and have Amar nominated for this week’s eviction. With this thought, he goes to talk to Amar and tells him that Mahek is too difficult and to stubborn to handle and it will be good for Amar if he shifts Mahek from his team to Sky’s team. Once Sky leaves, Amar laughs it off and voices his opinion about Sky being nothing but an idiot.

Pooja Misrra has been trying to forget everything and in the bargain bond with everyone around. The next person who comes her way is Vida and so she sorts it out with Vida too and is seen bonding well with her after that. As she advances towards the washroom, she meets Mahek. Mahek tells Pooja Misrra that she hated the way Sky and Sidharth have been treating the women in the house and tells her that sky is indeed a very rude captain to which Pooja Misrra agrees and both hug each other.

Mahek and Pooja Misrra are seen bonding again in the night and talking about all that has gone wrong with Pooja Misrra in Bigg Boss house. Mahek supports Pooja Misrra and tells her that Sidharth was completely wrong in abusing her family.

As the day ends Pooja Misrra, Vida and Mahek are seen sitting and talking to each other. The trio are having fun and laughing over things and Pooja Misrra tells Vida that she would want to be the captain next week and that she wants Vida to support her. 

Looks like the tables are turning in Bigg Boss house. Pooja Misrra was seen bonding with every second housemate throughout the day whereas Mahek had some or the other plan running in her mind throughout.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pooja Bedi,Sky and Juhi Parmar plot against Amar Upadhyay

It is a new morning and a fresh start in the Bigg Boss house and as the day begins, we see Pooja Misrra starting on a new note about yesterday’s fight. Pooja Misrra sits along with Pooja Bedi and vents out her anger about yesterday’s fight with Sidharth. She points out how Sidharth misbehaved with her first and abused her family to which Pooja Bedi replied that it was partly Pooja Misrra’s fault too that Sidharth’s anger aggravated.

As the day progresses, Bigg Boss announces a weekly task for which the entire house is seen working in unison. The contestants are then seen preparing for their weekly task and await further announcements from Bigg Boss to carry out the task. Pooja Bedi, Sky and Juhi are seen bonding with each other during the afternoon and talk of how the weekly task can be a great way of breaking Amar down.

Shonali is seen upset ever since the nominations. She finds a consoling shoulder in Sidharth and tells him how Sky has been playing double and unfair games. She expresses her grief to Sidharth and soon Vida is seen joining the two and consoling Shonali. Shonali tells Sidharth that ever since day one, she knew what games Sky has been playing and that all her predictions for Sky have been coming true. Sidharth asks Shonali to go and talk to Sky about all of this. Sidharth asks Shonali not to feel so bad about the nominations. Shonali also confronts Sidharth and asks him, why he did not stop Sky from nominating for her name.

Bigg Boss then gives out the Code of Conduct letter to the housemates re-iterating the rules of the house. The code of conduct letter is given to the house to tell the housemates that apart from these rules, they need to come up with 10 more rules which would be followed by the entire house.

The entire house is seen enthusiastic about the task and everyone is seen working peacefully in their teams for the task. The entire house is in the task mode and are seen enjoying the task and are seen enjoying the team work.

Pooja Misrra almost gets jailed as she defies a captain’s rule made by Sky. Sky asks Pooja Misrra to go in the jail, but soon rethinks his decisions and thinks it would be best if he does not mess with her anymore.

After dinner, Shonali is seen crying again over the nominations issue. She is still unable to digest the fact that Sky has nominated her name for next week’s evictions. This shows that Shonali really wants to be a part of the Bigg Boss house and cannot see herself out of the house within a few weeks of coming in. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pooja Misrra does 'pranayam' in the loo

A night before, Pooja Misrra is seen locked up inside the bathroom for almost close to 3 hours. This stuns the entire house, and Sky being the captain of the house takes up the responsibility of approaching Pooja Misrra and questioning her about the sudden lock up. Pooja Misrra in turn replies back in a very ghastly manner saying ‘Get lost’. That night, the entire house sleeps in a threat of Pooja Misrra being possessed.

 The next day starts with Pooja Bedi talking to Sky about Pooja Misrra. She tells him that Pooja Misrra is angry with him. Sky puts his ego aside and walks up to Pooja Misrra and tries to clarify their differences. A stubborn Pooja Misrra walks away and says that she is disinterested in talking to him. After sometime, Pooja Misrra is seen speaking about how people in the house are hypnotizing her and turning her innocent soul into a violent one to get everyone against her. She is also seen bitching about Sky to Pooja Bedi, where she tells her that he is instigating her to fight with Shraddha and Vida.

Pooja Misra explains the previous night’s act to Amar, saying she was only doing ‘pranayam’ in the loo and people are misunderstanding her and are scared of her as they feel she is practicing black magic. Siddharth steps up and tries to reason with Pooja Misra for her behavior but fails, so he tells her out of frustration that he would make sure that nobody in the house will talk to her.

The weekly nominations take place. Captain Sky’s special nomination turns out to be a surprise nomination for the entire house. Post the nominations the housemates are seen in a good mood and the non nominated contestants are seen bonding with each other and celebrating their victory of relief for the week. After a while, Siddharth goes to the smoking room where he finds Pooja Misra. He tries to get in to the room but Pooja Misrra slams the door really hard on his face. Siddharth loses his temper and runs in to the house to explain the violent behavior by Pooja Misrra. He warns all to stay away from him as he is going to get back at her. The two get into a very nasty fight, so much so that Siddharth almost kicks her. The housemates intervene and with great difficulty calm Siddharth down who is absolutely furious.

Post this violent outburst, Pooja Misra goes to her bed and starts meditating. Mahek sees her alone and comes in to show her support. Mahek who also doesn’t get along well with Pooja Misrra consoles her by saying that she can feel what she is going through right now and just wants to confirm that she will be there if she needs a person to talk to. After that, Vida informs the green room inhabitants that Pooja Misrra is changing her room. Everyone breathe with a sigh of relief. The day ends and all the housemates go to sleep but with restlessness and tension still mounting in many heads.         

Pakistani serial on Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi's massive fan following just got dizzier. Hum TV, a leading Pakistani television channel, recently started a prime time (8pm) show 'Mein Tum Aur Imran Hashmi'. 

Featuring popular television actors Noor Ul Hassan, Neelum Munir, Rubina Ashraf and Tipu Shah, the serial is about Chanda, who is infatuated with Emraan Hashmi. She watches, hears and hums Hashmi’s hit songs all day from his hits 'Jannat', 'Aashiq Banaya Aapne', 'Zeher' and 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai'. She even has his picture framed on the wall, much to the dismay of her prospective suitors.
Emraan’s name has been incorrectly spelled, presumably to evade copyright issues. However, on watching the show it is evident that the producers are keen to capitalize on Emraan Hashmi’s popularity. 

This is the second time that a television show has been named after an actor, the first being 'Kya Meri Shaadi Shah Rukh Se Hogi?' on Geo TV.

With the release of "The Dirty Picture" on December 2, it is believed that the producers of "Mein Tum Aur Imran Hashmi" are even planning to incorporate in the serial, "Ishq Sufiyana", Emraan’s latest hit number with Vidya Balan. "The Dirty Picture" will release theatrically in Pakistan on the same day.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bigg Boss 5- Catch Akshay Kumar-John Abraham

Desi Boyz Akshay Kumar and John Abraham are all set to rock the Bigg Boss house next Saturday. So watch out for next week's Aap Ka Farman.

BiggBoss 5-Elimnated contestant Lakshmi pics

Is it Lakshmi?

Sources from Bigg Boss 5 on Colors reveal that it could be Lakshmi who will been shown the door in tonight’s episode of the show. So is it bye bye time for Lakshmi? Find out tonight