Friday, November 25, 2011

Clash between Sidharth-Pooja Misrra

It’s a new morning in the house, and with the new day comes a new row. As soon as the day starts, Sidharth is seen cribbing about how he would not want to follow the orders of the new captain – Pooja Misrra. He tells her how he would not want to do the dishes and would instead take up the responsibility of making lunch with the help of another person. Pooja Misrra sorts this out with Amar and Pooja Bedi and asks Sidharth to cook lunch and not do the dishes instead.

Pooja Bedi and Sunny are seen sitting in the garden together when Pooja Bedi asks Sunny to take care of Sky once she is out of the house.
Soon the scene moves towards the kitchen where Sidharth and Sky are seen having a sarcastic conversation. Sky is seen telling Sidharth in an affluent manner that he would want to come down to Delhi and meet Sidharth to which Sidharth replies back saying that he is not scared of anyone and that Sky can come with whoever and whenever he wants to. Both end up having an argument and Sky tells Sidharth what a big ‘Copy cat’ he is. Sky taunts Sidharth again about the comments that Salman had made last weekend and tells him that how can he still be a part of the house even after so much humiliation. Seeing this Pooja Bedi walks inside the kitchen and asks Sidharth not to find reasons to fight with everyone early in the morning.

They both continue to argue while sitting in the garden with other housemates. Sidharth taunts Sky that he has no career and has no shows to do, but Sidharth being a VJ has an audience who looks up to him. Sidharth continues to poke Sky and tells him that if Sky crosses his limits, then it won’t take Sidharth any longer to reveal what Sky had spoken about Pooja Bedi. Juhi and Pooja Bedi then join the argument too, trying to be the peace-makers.

After a while, Amar and Sidharth are seen talking in the pink room talking about how Sky is nothing but a gutless man. Amar tells Sidharth that Sky can only poke fun at girls and have fights with the girls in the house, but he can never fight with the male contestants inside the house. They talk of how Sky has over done his stay with his scheming nature and that it’s high time he stops this nonsense. Sidharth goes on to tell Amar that Sky had badmouthed about Amar as well to Sidharth. Amar calls Sky a ‘Barking Dog, that seldom bites’ and says that he will only say things that make no sense but will not be able to do anything when time comes. The two also talk about how Pooja Bedi’s affection for Sky has been growing and how the two look like nothing less than a couple. Sidharth and Amar go on to discuss how they would avenge Sky soon and make sure that Sky has a taste of his own medicine soon.
As the day progresses, Sunny is called in the confession room to talk about her stay in the house. She breaks down while talking about her family and says that she misses them a lot. She says that the contestants inside the house are nothing more than just fellow contestants and that she is hiding her true identity because people around are too judgmental and that if she reveals anything about her life, they will immediately draw a negative image about her.

After coming out of the confession room, Sunny asks Juhi to sing a song for her after lunch and feels good bonding with everyone in the house.
Sidharth and Pooja Misrra are seen having a huge argument as Sidharth behaves rudely towards Pooja Misrra. She calls Sidharth in her room to discuss if Sidharth is unhappy about her captaincy and asks him for a reason. Sidharth replies back saying that he would not want to talk about it now but will tell her next week and walks out of the room with further discussions.

Amar, Shonali, Sidharth and Mahek are seen sitting and imitating Sky, Juhi and Pooja Bedi. Amar and Sidharth imitate how Pooja Bedi advises Sky and Mahek imitates the animated conversation that Juhi and Pooja Bedi always have with each other.  

As the day ends, Pooja Bedi and Sky hug each other and Pooja Bedi tells Sky that they are each other’s best buddies and would definitely miss each other. Sky replies back to this saying Pooja Bedi is the sweetest person in the house.

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