Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunny Leone's grand entry in the Bigg Boss house

Vida's entry had left the contestants shocked and sad enough. They had lost a dear and charming Hollywood friend even before they could get to know more about her. This was when Sunny planned to enter the Bigg Boss house and in a grand way. She danced on the famous 'Chaliya Chaliya' track and made sure that her entry was entertaining enough to make the sad faces smile bright. Carried by 8 men on their shoulders, Sunny entered the Bigg Boss house in a traditional Indian attire sitting daintily inside a doli. Soon as she entered the Bigg Boss house, she gelled well with everyone inside the house. Contestants were so impressed that they immidiately started inviting her to stay with them in their rooms. Sunny's entry in the Bigg Boss house bought back smile on everyone's faces. We hope Sunny has a bright and sunny stay inside the Bigg Boss house.

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