Friday, November 11, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Cold war between Laxmi-Mahek

The day begins with the housemates being a part of Swami-ji’s yoga session. As soon as the Yoga session is over, we see Pooja Misrra discussing her problems with Swami-ji and telling him about things that are a cause of concern. Swami-ji humbles and consoles her and asks her to not think over petty issues too much. Swami-ji continues to talk to her about the social issues that are affecting the society today.
As Pooja Misrra walks back to her room after a heartwarming conversation with Swami Agnivesh, she finds Sky, Siddharth and Pooja Bedi sitting inside the room and chatting. As soon as she enters, Sidharth and Sky start imitating her and make fun out of all that she does. They imitate how she asks everyone to ‘spare her’ and her ‘joker avataar’.
As the day passes, we see Swami-ji getting more accustomed with the house and its rules and is seen helping the housemates in helping the household chores by washing dishes. As much as Swami-ji is trying to be a part of the house, Sidharth is trying his best to do everything possible to make him happy. This gesture of Sidharth is seen when during the day he shouts at Shraddha, in the context that Shraddha had disrespected Swami-ji the day before.
The weekly task is then called off and Shraddha’s captaincy week comes to end. The housemates are seen discussing Shraddha’s captaincy and the secret tasks that were assigned to her. The housemates then sit and discuss who could the next week’s captain and who will be able to do justice to the captain post that will be assigned. Soon the nominations for electing a new captain begin in the house and the housemates are seen discussing how would the daily chores responsibility be divided between them.
After the nominations, we see Mahek and Laxmi’s cold war progressing. The cold war that has been going on between the two has for many days now finally turns into a small tiff.
Both make a big issue out of nothing and are seen venting out all their anger. The two are seen continuing the same argument even after a peaceful dinner.
As Swami-ji’s second day in Bigg Boss house ends, everyone in the house is seen having a peaceful dinner and are seen quiet in tune with each other.

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