Friday, November 4, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Sky threatens to leave Bigg Boss house

The day starts with Amar wanting Sky and Sidharth to have food. He is willing to talk to Vida and convince her to talk. Sky is adamant that Vida should tell Sidharth that she won’t eat till he does not. Amar has been playing safe in the house. He has not only managed to divert the attention of Sidharth and Sky away but has also managed  to get a good deal of women liking in the house.

Sidharth continues to be adamant to prove the fact that his mannerisms are not childish. He continues to talk to Vida over last night’s banter over ‘dal’. While they manage to patch up with each other over the talk, Sidharth gives Vida a piece of his mind over being in India and liking Indians. Vida in turn replies back about how much she loves India and how she avoided Hollywood just to be a part of India.

In the mean time, Juhi loses her cool as she has an argument with Pooja Missra over a minor dishwashing issue. She bitches about Pooja to  other housemates and tells them, how she has always stood by Pooja Missra, but now Pooja Misrra refuses to listen to anything that Juhi has to say.

Captain nominations took place in the house. During the nominations, we see Juhi making last minute decisions of not voting for Pooja Misrra as the captain due to their morning tiff.

Sky starts talking aloud about how people in the house are having a problem about him being honest. Sky confesses to Bigg Boss about not wanting to be a part of the Bigg Boss house anymore. He says he wants to leave the house since he thinks Mahek’s issue was not dealt with fairly and he wanted justice to be done for her actions.

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