Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pooja Bedi,Sky and Juhi Parmar plot against Amar Upadhyay

It is a new morning and a fresh start in the Bigg Boss house and as the day begins, we see Pooja Misrra starting on a new note about yesterday’s fight. Pooja Misrra sits along with Pooja Bedi and vents out her anger about yesterday’s fight with Sidharth. She points out how Sidharth misbehaved with her first and abused her family to which Pooja Bedi replied that it was partly Pooja Misrra’s fault too that Sidharth’s anger aggravated.

As the day progresses, Bigg Boss announces a weekly task for which the entire house is seen working in unison. The contestants are then seen preparing for their weekly task and await further announcements from Bigg Boss to carry out the task. Pooja Bedi, Sky and Juhi are seen bonding with each other during the afternoon and talk of how the weekly task can be a great way of breaking Amar down.

Shonali is seen upset ever since the nominations. She finds a consoling shoulder in Sidharth and tells him how Sky has been playing double and unfair games. She expresses her grief to Sidharth and soon Vida is seen joining the two and consoling Shonali. Shonali tells Sidharth that ever since day one, she knew what games Sky has been playing and that all her predictions for Sky have been coming true. Sidharth asks Shonali to go and talk to Sky about all of this. Sidharth asks Shonali not to feel so bad about the nominations. Shonali also confronts Sidharth and asks him, why he did not stop Sky from nominating for her name.

Bigg Boss then gives out the Code of Conduct letter to the housemates re-iterating the rules of the house. The code of conduct letter is given to the house to tell the housemates that apart from these rules, they need to come up with 10 more rules which would be followed by the entire house.

The entire house is seen enthusiastic about the task and everyone is seen working peacefully in their teams for the task. The entire house is in the task mode and are seen enjoying the task and are seen enjoying the team work.

Pooja Misrra almost gets jailed as she defies a captain’s rule made by Sky. Sky asks Pooja Misrra to go in the jail, but soon rethinks his decisions and thinks it would be best if he does not mess with her anymore.

After dinner, Shonali is seen crying again over the nominations issue. She is still unable to digest the fact that Sky has nominated her name for next week’s evictions. This shows that Shonali really wants to be a part of the Bigg Boss house and cannot see herself out of the house within a few weeks of coming in. 

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