Monday, October 31, 2011

Bigg Boss 5- Amar Upadhyay is troublemaker feel housemates

Following Shakti’s eviction, Sidharth, Shraddha and Vida were inconsolable. To cheer the trio, the other housemates planned a game in captain, Shonali’s room allowing everyone to say whatever was on their mind about whats going on inside the house. Amar said that he believed Mandeep was masterminding a major plan and was creating rifts among everyone inside the house. Everyone else present in the room agreed with this view. Soon after the game, Amar approached Mandeep and told her that he called her a mastermind only to see how everyone would react to the claim. He also revealed that Sky (Akashdeep) and Sidharth were plotting against her and have decided to nominate her for the upcoming eviction.

Understanding the point Amar was trying to convey, Mandeep approached the rest of the housemates and shared with them the details of her conversation with Amar. Hearing these allegations, all the members, including Sky, were furious. They were pissed at Amar for trying to instigate Mandeep against the other housemates. In an attempt to get rid of his agitation at being falsely blamed by Amar, Sky mocked Pooja Misrra about her attitude towards the housemates and her broom-breaking incident.

The next day started with nominations. Contestants were asked to nominate two people who would like to see evicted. Every contestant heads to the confession room to name two people they would like to nominate. Votes are counted and the nominations for the week are announced. Once the voting was done, Sky approached Lakshmi and told her to stop playing games and reveal her true side to her fellow contestants. He told Lakshmi to stop appreciating people on their face and bitching about them behind their backs because he did not appreciate two-faced people.

Hearing the argument, Juhi decided to take a stand. She told Sky, Lakshmi and Shonali that Mandeep was masterminding a game plan and was trying to get the contestants to fight among each other. She also pointed out that Mandeep didn’t contribute towards household work and was thus provoking a fight by pushing everyone over the edge. Hearing all this, Sky walks up to Mandeep and tells her what is being said about her. He also tells her that he supports her and believes that she is a very good person with a clean heart.

The contestants finally got together and ganged up against Amar. They blamed him for causing trouble among all the contestants. In true Bigg Boss fashion, without letting him justify himself, the contestants continued to talk about his actions and made comments about his personality. Hearing all the commotion over her ‘son’, Lakshmi broke down and confessed to the housemates that she couldn’t believe that Amar was playing these games to survive in the house.

Sky noticed that Mahek was still talking to Amar while the rest of the house was against him. When he confronted her about it, Mahek told him that she was only trying to convince Amar to apologize to the housemates and try to get back into their good books. Sky also took on Pooja Misrra about her actions and mocked her repeatedly about her aggressive behaviour which was not expected out of her considering she was a woman. Hearing the pot-shots that Sky was taking at Pooja Misrra, Sidharth also joined in for some fun.

In an attempt to make amends, Sky had a word in private with Amar and told him that his behaviour was not correct. He told Amar that he needed to apologize to the housemates, to which Amar readily agreed. Seeing that Amar was making amends, Pooja Misrra tried to talk to Mahek and apologize for her prior aggressive behaviour. However, Mahek was in no mood to listen. She continuously reminded her about her attempts to cool Pooja Misrra down after the violent broom-breaking incident, but getting snapped back at in return. Pooja Misrra soon realized that her attempt was not going to bear any fruits and walked away.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shakti Kapoor evicted

Bigg Boss Season 5 kicked off with 12 female contestants, 1 transgender and 1 male contestant. Now, as the show completes its fourth week, the equation has definitely changed - with the house currently hosting 8 female contestants, 1 transgender and 4 male contestants. However, this was also not meant to last for long as Mahek Chahal, Pooja Bedi, Shakti Kapoor and Shraddha Sharma were nomination for eviction this week. The nerves and tension began to rise in the house which was evident from the flaring tempers that audiences witnessed this week. However, in the end, the first male to enter the Bigg Boss House, Shakti Kapoor was evicted from the show.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Is Shradha lying about her parents?

Yesterdays epsisode of Bigg Boss 5 had Shradha Sharma gaining sympathy from housemates as well as the audience after she spoke about how she lost her parents during childhood. However this came as a surprise as many media persons had interviewed her parents when she was chosen to enter the Bigg Boss house.

Here is what her parents had told the newspaper Daily Bhaskar -

"My daughter has reached to the doors of fame and success through her hardwork," says the proud father, Dr Gulshan Sharma.
Talking about Shradha's entry into the glam world, her mother Kanchan tells, "We had sent Shradha to Bhopal for IAS preparations. After she lost in studies, Shradha took over modeling assignments.  The journey went on and she continued with her live stage shows before moving to films. Though her decision disappointed us but later we accepted the situation."

So who is lying?

Bigg Boss 5-Pooja Misra,Pooja Bedi and Vida handcuffed

The day starts with yet another fight as Pooja Misra & Vida get into an argument over a kamarband which is supposedly Vida’s. Vida claims that it had fallen down a couple of days back which Pooja Misra had picked up conveniently and kept it with her. This really upsets Vida and she goes and talks to Mahek about it.
After a while Lakshmi, Amar & Siddharth are talking about Pooja Misra and her psychotic behavior in the house over the past few days. They feel that fighting with people is like an addiction for her, and that she literally cannot survive without arguing or fighting with someone or the other. They come to an agreement that something needs to be done with her as she is just crossing all limits & being a burden instead of a buddy to everyone.
In a bit, Pooja Misra joins the party on the dining table and taunts Amar for a statement he had made. Amar doesn’t hold back from taunting her back. After a while, Lakshmi intervenes in their conversation and lightens up the atmosphere by cracking a few jokes on Pooja Misra. Shraddha aned Siddharth were washing the dishes as Sky walks in and offers t help. Shradhha obliges him by giving him her job and she walks away coolly. Later Sky realizes that what he thought was a two minute job is actually a major job. Siddharth & Sky are found laughing thinking as to how foolish the idea of offering help was.
After sometime, Bigg Boss calls all the housemates to the living room to make an announcement. Once all are present in the living room, Bigg Boss punishes Pooja Misra, Pooja Bedi & Vida for talking in English despite several warnings. The punishment was that all three shall be tied with handcuffs until the next announcement, also at any point of time only one of the three can be seated and the rest would need to stand.  Pooja Misra & Pooja Bedi start blaming Vida for the punishment as they claimed that she is the sole reason why people feel the need to talk in English.
 Pooja Bedi & Pooja Misra sang a Bhajan in front of the camera to Bigg Boss in order to apologize. Then, the boys of the house have a little gossip session of their own as they discuss who will be evicted in the upcoming Aapka Farmaan.  They come to a conclusion of their own and feel that Pooja Bedi has the highest chances of getting evicted. On the other end Shraddha & Amar talk about the coming weeks’ nominations & plan as to between whom they can create a fight for their personal benefit.
 An emotional Pooja Bedi starts crying to Bigg Boss and expresses that she is being used, abused and insulted time & time again throughout the show. After a while, just before the lights go off Bigg Boss relieves the punished from the handcuffs and all are tired and go to sleep.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rakhi Sawant to approach Anna Hazare

When Rakhi Sawant is angry, not many in the country can have the guts to stop her! The latest to face the ire of Bollywood’s biggest firecracker, is none other than the Censor Board, for having bleeped out the words ‘Choos Le’ (suck) from her song ‘Jawani Ki Bank Loot Le’ in her upcoming film Loot.

Rakhi insists that though the words could be controversial in nature when singled out, in her song, they have been used aptly and with the right connotations, without any vulgar or offensive meaning.

“If the Censor Board can pass songs like ‘Bhaag D.K. Bose’ (Delhi Belly) and ‘Jhak Maar Ke’ (Desi Boyz), why should they have a bias towards my song ‘Jawani Ki Bank Loot Le.’ Why am I being targeted by the Board, whereas John Abraham, Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan can get away with it,” Rakhi questions.

But since the Censor Board is in no mood to listen, Rakhi has decided to march straight up to India’s most famous anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare with her plea.

Confirming this, her publicist Dale Bhagwagar says, “It is true that Rakhi has decided to approach Anna Hazare. She is currently doing her research on songs which she considers vulgar and objectionable.”

He adds, “She plans to carry their videos and CD’s to Mr Hazare’s village Ralegan Siddhi in Ahmednagar. Rakhi wants Mr Hazare to judge for himself, whether her song ‘Jawani Ki Bank Loot Le’ is vulgar compared to the others passed by the Censor Board.”

Just for the record, the lyrics of Rakhi’s song read, “Main russ malaai hoon, jannat se aayee hoon, saamne parosi hoon, aake choos le… hey… saiyaan jawani ki bank loot le.”

Bigg Boss 5-Contestants celebrate 25

The day started with Siddhart flirting with Shonali. Shonali was missing her family and got very sentimental, Siddhath saw her upset & lent his shoulder. He tried to make Shonali laugh by passing some silly jokes.  Lakshmi observing this called Siddharth and teased him. Followed by this, contestants received Diwali gifts from their loved ones. These gifts were specially delivered inside the house to lighten the overall tense atmosphere. Everyone, except Pooja Misrra, became really emotional upon seeing their gifts. Pooja Misrra seemed uninterested in the gifts sent to her by her friends. Adding to the joyous feeling in the house, captaincy nominations were held. Contestants were asked to choose between re nominating Shonali as the captain or electing a new captain. The poll was completed a new captain for a upcoming week was finalized. Pooja Bedi and Mahek were upset about who was chosen the captain for the coming week. The duo was also stunned at Lakshmi's votes and confronted her about it. 
 For the coming week, Shraddha and Siddhart were given the task for dish washing and the cooking team, comprising of Juhi and Pooja Bedi, expressed dissatisfaction with their work. Juhi was disappointed with Shraddha’s work because she felt Shraddha was not doing a good job at cleaning the dishes and they were still dirty. Juhi then asked the captain to take the issue up with dishwashing team and ensure they did their job well.Irritated about the way she was being treated, Shraddha approached everyone in the house at different times and spoke ill about Pooja Bedi.
 In the evening, the housemates were provided a few items along with the idol of Goddess Lakshmi in order to conduct a small Lakshmi Puja to celebrate Diwali. All the housemates were overjoyed at this and begun preparations for a Puja. Soon after the puja, a task was announced for the contestants. For the task, they had to give their opinions about who was the best and most efficient person in the house. 
 To add to the Diwali celebrations, Bigg Boss sent in a special big dark chocolate cake and also lots of fireworks. Contestants lit the firework and celebrated diwali by wishing their family, friends and Bigg Boss. They thanked Bigg Boss for making them feel special while they were spending time away from family. This 25 day celebration coincided with Diwali, only made this celebration more special.

Ronit Roy arrested for drunken driving

Ronit Roy who plays lawyer KD Pathak in Adaalat on Sony has been arrested in a case of drunken driving. The actor had rammed his car into another vehicle today morning at about 5.30 am in Bandra. Two of the passengers who were in the car are said to be critically injured.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bigg Boss 5- Fireworks this Diwali

The weekly task of making 500 candles by each team can be quite taxing in such a small period of time. The housemates were giving in their level best in order to complete this task successfully, in fact they were so engrossed in it that a few of the housemates ended up staying awake all night! The teams were determined to win the battle against time & enjoy the luxury budget this time around.

Siddharth & Lakshmi were working on the candles even early in the morning. After being exhausted from all the hard work, a tired Siddharth had walked up to Pooja Misrra who was snoozing in her room. A patient Sidharth tried waking Pooja Misrra up politely, but the stubborn model refused to cooperate. An agitated Siddharth storms out of the room after giving her a piece of her mind & starts discussing the problem with Mandeep. While Mandeep & Sidharth are in the middle of a conversation, a sleepy Pooja barges into Siddharth’s elbow & almost slips from the stairs. A furious Pooja starts abusing Siddharth accusing him of pushing her with his elbow intentionally! An innocent Siddharth loses his cool & starts abusing the living day lights out of Pooja. Mandeep who was neutral tried to intervene & explain to Pooja that it was a genuine accident & not an intentional move! A disgusted Pooja & Siddharth were still going at each other with much hate & anger. The fight goes on for a while until the two are forcefully kept away from each other.   

An unaware Shraddha walks up to Siddharth to find out what was happening. Siddharth tells her that their team was falling quite short of resources as Pooja Misrra & Mandeep did not contribute to the task. The two get into a discussion in order to find a solution. After a while, an upset Pooja Misrra walks up to Amar to share her opinion on her fight with Siddharth. Amar listens to her side of the story & refuses to take any action against Siddharth as he feels it is unfair for him to comment since he was absent at the time of the incident. On hearing this, Pooja Misrra loses her temper completely & starts accusing Amar of being an unfair, self centered & a heartless guy!

Amar Upadhyay was very patient until Pooja made such harsh comments on him. Boiling with anger Amar starts to fight back with Pooja Misrra & starts calling her all sorts of things. He tells her that she acts mentally instable & that she really needs some medical help! A furious Amar accuses Pooja for being extremely unreasonable & irrational. The two again are put to safe distance from each other in order to curb the fight. While one would think some peace is restored, Pooja Bedi & Shraddha are the next culprits for causing yet another fight! Pooja Bedi & Mahek were sitting in the verandah and chatting up about the amount of bitchiness spreading in the house.

Shraddha enters the verandah & interrupts the conversation. She lashes out at Pooja Bedi & starts insulting her with rather demeaning words. She accuses Pooja Bedi of being a “tuchhi” in the industry & tells her that even her children would be ashamed of their 45 year old mother trying to look & act like a young gun. An agitated Pooja Bedi is extremely furious at Shraddha & asks her to keep her mouth shut & mind her own business. She tells her very sternly to stop doubting & commenting on her character. 
To calm things down after such a brutal day, Bigg Boss announces & requests the housemates to maintain some peace at least during the lovely festival of lights & try & live with each other in some harmony. Bigg Boss wishes all a very Happy Diwali & tells the housemates that they are in for a pleasant surprise very soon!

Bigg Boss 5-Housemates celebrate Diwali

We all know that time just flies, but when occasions like the most celebrated festival of the country- Diwali is on the course, not many would complain. This season the Bigg Boss housemates will get a chance to celebrate the festival of lights with & without their families! Wondering how? Well most of the housemates’ families have sent some special gifts & messages for their loved ones. Though the housemates cannot spend any time with their dear ones, they will enjoy the benefit of getting the best of wishes from them. The housemates are going to be thrilled, excited & pleasantly surprised!

Shakti Kapoor’s family has sent him quite a few goodies in the form of clothes, Pooja Thali, & most importantly a letter. The letter was addressed by his wife & daughter with both stating how proud they were of him, as to what an inspirational leader he has been & how amazingly he has maintained safe distance from 13 other strange women! The lovely lady from Afghanistan aka Vida has received a photo frame & some chocolates. Although Vida doesn’t get along too well with her family, the Afghan beauty has received a very adorable picture of her with her mother. While Amar Upadhyay formerly known as the favorite beta of Indian television, seems to be on the verge of becoming the ladies man of Bigg Boss yet again, as he received a few personal gifts & 13 necklaces! Well the necklaces have been sent for all the pretty women in the house from his daughter. So let’s not get any ideas!  

While most of the housemates have received gifts in some form or the other, the rest have not been so lucky! Will this create any rifts amongst the housemates? Or will all come together, join hands & celebrate the victory of good over evil?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rakhi Sawant is furious

Upset with the Censor Board for bleeping out the words ‘Choos Le’ (suck) from her song “Jawani Ki Bank Loot Le” in her upcoming film Loot, firecracker Rakhi Sawant is in attack mode this Diwali.

The lyrics of the song read, “Main russ malaai hoon, jannat se aayee hoon, saamne parosi hoon, aake choos le… hey… saiyaan jawani ki bank loot le.”

Rakhi insists that though the words could be controversial in nature when singled out, in her song they have been used aptly and with the right connotations, without any vulgar or offensive meaning.

The actress feels that the Censor Board is “biased”. “If they are so strict, why have they passed a song titled “Jhak Maar Ke” picturised on John Abraham and Deepika Padukone in Desi Boyz,” Rakhi shoots.

“If ‘Choos Le’ can be considered offensive, even ‘Jhak Maar Ke’ is a vulgar phrase. But the censors have allowed it to pass because the film has big stars in it,” she claims. “Even John’s dance steps in the song are in bad taste. He’s making distasteful gestures with his hand. I have no such gestures in my song,” she adds.

KBC gets its jackpot winner in Sushil Kumar

Sushil Kumar a tutor from Bihar became the first to win the jackpot amount -Rs 5 crore in Kaun Banega Crorepati 5.

Bigg Boss 5- Shraddha offends Pooja Bedi by calling her aunty

The day started with a big fight between Shraddha and Pooja Bedi over an omlette. Pooja Bedi seems to dislike Shradhha’s cooking. On this both of them had an argument & finally Pooja Bedi decides to make her own breakfast. After breakfast, Pooja Bedi and Juhi were discussing Raageshwari’s eviction and how the increase in fights since her exit must be affecting her. Shraddha involved herself in the conversation and a few heated words were exchanged between Pooja Bedi and Shraddha.

Bored with the negativity that 10 women and 3 men brought to the house, Vida shared her disappointment with Bigg Boss and said she hoped more men entered the house soon so that the contestants could engage in something other than back-biting and hypocrisy.

A task was announced in the house where contestants were given masks, capes and gloves and were asked to come up with a superhero name and a super power. Contestants were also asked to perform to a song where Lakshmi was made choreographer. While the song was playing and the contestants were performing, Sky (Akashdeep) entered the house in a superhero costume. When Sky entered, he danced seductively with Lakshmi and she pulled off his mask. After everyone had greeted him, the song continued and Sky also continued to dance with Lakshmi.

It seems that the new comer got his first company in the house. Lakshmi took Sky into the room and both of them spoke about the happenings in house and also the outside world for at least for half an hour. Lakshmi made him aware about the catfights going in the house and warned him to stay away from the controversies. Sky, in turn, told her about what is going in the outer world.

Another fight broke out between Pooja Bedi and Shraddha. The duo started a war of words based on Shraddha calling Pooja Bedi an aunty. This statement made Pooja Bedi very upset and she asked Shraddha not to call her aunty. She also asked Shakti to support her on this but he completely ignored her which caused Pooja Bedi to lose her temper and share her woes with Amar. Shakti had decided not to talk to any woman in the house therefore he didn’t reply to Pooja Bedi but Pooja Bedi believes that Shakti doesn’t respect her and their 22 year old friendship. Shonali tried to calm Pooja Bedi down but she messed with Shonali also and tried to put a bad image of Shakti in front of camera.

The weekly task was announced. To celebrate Diwali, the contestants were split up into teams of two and asked to make candles. The team that will achieve the target of making 500 candles first, will be declared winner of the task. For this purpose, the teams will be required to work days and nights in order to attempt to win the competition.

Ranbir Kapoor visits Bigg Boss house

If there is one thing that the Bigg Boss house has in abundance this year, it’s women! This weekend, the ladies have a special guest visiting them – Ranbir Kapoor. The actor, along with singer Mohit Chauhan, will be visiting the sets of Bigg Boss 5 – Aapka Farman to promote his upcoming movie Rockstar. While it is still not confirmed if the actor will enter the house and speak to the contestants in person, we have heard that Ranbir is very keen to have a conversation with the ladies – especially so because they are ‘trapped’ in the house with a handful men. Ladies Man, Ranbir has, in fact, even managed to convince Mohit to try to convince Sanjay Dutt so that they can get a glimpse of the women inside the house. Will Sanjay Dutt give in and give Ranbir Kapoor a chance to chat up the ladies?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ooh La La in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

The TRP-grabbing Sony TV soap, 'Bade Achhe Lagte Hain', is turning 'dirty' yet again.

According to sources " In the Diwali episode to be telecast at 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday 26 th October, Ram Kapoor, known to be a fan of Vidya Balan, will be seen enjoying the sensational promo of 'Ooh La La' from The Dirty Picture, that has taken the country by storm.As he's watching it, Priya (played by Sakshi Tanwar) will enter the room and they engage in a light banter about Ram's deep fondness for Vidya, and about a sizzling red Sagar-inspired sari that Vidya is wearing in the song."

Join Ram and Priya as they get down and dirty in the Diwali special episode on Wednesday.


Big Boss 5-New entry in Bigg Boss

Akashdeep Sehgal aka Sky Walkr is entering the Bigg Boss House on Monday. The television actor, whose claim to fame is the role of Ansh in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, claims that the name change has changed his career and personality for the better. Thanks to his numerologist, Akashdeep, who was last seen on television 4 years back, is all set to make a comeback with Bigg Boss 5. In fact, even in his personal life, his non-television career seems to be taking off and Sky Walkr seems to be soaring to new heights.

Being the third new entrant in the Bigg Boss 5 house does not deter him either. In fact, the actor believes that three is his lucky number and hence, being the third entrant is only going to work in his favour. The actor reiterates the fact that his new name has brought a sense of maturity that has changes his life. He is ready to face television now, in a brand new avatar, which his fans are going to be surprised to see, but still find very endearing. Akashdeep highlights that he has a no-nonsense personality and anyone crossing his path should be ready to face some trouble. The very single actor also mentioned that the sleeping arrangement in the house doesn’t bother him and he is going to use it as an opportunity to mingle with the ladies and get to know them better.

The one thing that Akashdeep is hoping will help him gel with his fellow contestants is his cooking skills. He promises to be himself and feed the contestants some delectable dishes to win their hearts and favours! Seems like Akashdeep is all set to show the world his goody-two-shoes side! But will the contestants enjoy this twist in the game as much as his food?

Bigg Boss 5- Catfights in Bigg Boss house

For a while after Raageshwari left the Bigg Boss House and Sidharth was sent to jail, the contestants continued to remain upset and cranky. Shonali’s incorrect allegation against Pooja Misrra’s harmful behaviour is brought up again and it’s imminent that Raageshewari’s message of love and peace vanished as conspiracy and back-biting started all over again.

The next day starts with nominations for evictions being conducted. The results shocked all the contestants and sent tempers flaring. During the course of the day, Shraddha revealed it was her birthday, but she was barely prepared for what was going to come her way. Her first bad break was a fight with Pooja Bedi. The latter was very rude to Shraddha and blamed her for breaking the house rules by keeping the buckets occupied during bathing hours. Shraddha, not taking this lightly, lashed out at Pooja Bedi for ill-treating her.

Shraddha’s next problem arose with Vida who seemed to have unknowingly taken up the responsibility to irk the birthday girl. Not knowing that it was Shraddha’s birthday, Vida continued to taunt and disrespect Shraddha by talking over her and laughing at any attempts made at correcting her. Vida, in fact, did not even let Shraddha complete her conversation with Lakshmi. This bothered Shraddha a lot and she was furious with Vida for being mean to her. However, she let it pass soon after.

Even after these two arguments, Shraddha’s bad day was far from over. Mahek provoked Shraddha by calling her two-faced and saying that she was trying too hard to please her fellow housemates. Mahek also highlighted some comments that had been made against Shraddha by Shakti and told her that she was clearly not the way he claimed she was. Shraddha initially asked Mahek to stay out of it, but when the latter remained persistent, she lost her cool. A huge catfight ensued that was broken up by the other housemates.

Shraddha was taken to the garden area by captain Shonali, Pooja Misrra and Lakshmi. When Lakshmi tried to play peacemaker, she said some more things that further angered Shraddha who turned around and gave Lakshmi a piece of her mind as well. Seeing that the situation was moving from bad to worse, Shonali and the other girls quickly led Shraddha to her bedroom and tried to calm her down. A very hyper and emotional Shraddha then broke down.

While the fights were breaking out all over the house, Shakti came out and gave a disclaimer to the housemates that being a family man; he would like to be kept out of the discussions. However, the other members looked at this as an escapist strategy and discussed everything that he had said to them individually – in turn unearthing his plan of evicting the girls in the house. It clearly looked like Shakti Kapoor’s strategy has been revealed and now he might have to face the consequences.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shiney takes legal action against 'Bai'commercial

Even as Shiney Ahuja’s appeal to the Mumbai High Court is pending hearing, his difficulties seem to be growing. The critically acclaimed actor, who had to spend time in jail after being accused of raping his house maid (a charge he has constantly denied), is shocked by an advertisement rolled out by Micromax Mobile, this week. The said advertisement, tagged as the ‘Bai commercial’, tries to take a humorous dig at the Bollywood star out on bail.

The advertisement, which is said to have been made especially for the Diwali season, has infuriated Shiney, who has sought legal action on the mobile company.

Conforming this, the actor’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar said, “Shiney has sent a legal notice to the mobile company as the advertisement amounts to willful character assassination”.

“As we know, Shiney had challenged his conviction and the Mumbai High Court has admitted his appeal, which is currently pending hearing. For the mobile company to air such a commercial influencing public opinion when Shiney’s appeal is pending hearing, is equivalent to contempt of Court,” he added.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Movie prediction for Ra.One

There is absolutely nothing which SRK hasn’t ‘said’, made us ‘watch’ or ‘hear’ about his most ambitious

sci-fi flick which is also supposedly the most expensive film ever made in India.

Will SRK’s dream venture prove to be the ‘number one’ film of all times in the history of Bollywood when it comes to box office collections and appreciation or both ?.

Our in-house expert and well known astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi unveils the fate of ‘Ra.One’: 
“The title ‘Ra.One’ is adding up to Number 20 – this octave of Number 2 is not a material number rather a ‘spiritual’ one. Consequently it's potential in worldly success is doubtful. If used in relation to future events, it denotes delays, hindrances to one's plans, which can only be conquered through development of the spiritual side of one’s nature” explains Bhavikk.
“To put it simply, picture ki taarif bahut hogi par utni rupiyon ki baarish na ho paaye” predicts Bhavikk.

He continues “SRK will soon enter his 47th year (2nd November 1965) which will be a lucky period for him and so his avatar as G.One will be loved by the audiences across all age groups”.

“But alas ! The release date of 26th October 2011 which is a day primarily ruled by shani (Saturn) does not gel with SRK’s birth number and hence will create a dent in the film’s overall business. Ideally, releasing the film a day earlier would have done some damage control” advices Bhavikk.

“Playing the title role of Ra.One, Arjun Rampal in his 39th year (26th November 1972) will impress a lot with an honest portrayal of his character and will deliver what is expected out of him”.

“Looking her best at 32, chhammak chhallo Kareena Kapoor (21st September 1980) is going through a great phase in her life and besides gaining a lot of accolades for her performance as usual, her lady luck will help the film in a way to an extent”.

“But in the final tally, Ra.One will remain a losing proposition against the cost factor involved” signs off Bhavikk on a point blank note. 

Raj Thackrey not amused with Shakti Kapoor and Siddharth Bhardwaj

The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray has stated that the reality show Bigg Boss has insulted Marathi Manoos, with contestants Shakti Kapoor and Siddharth Bhardwaj nicknaming Housemate Amar Upadhyay as ‘P.K. Lele’, a Maharashtrian surname on the show.

In an episode telecast this weekend, Amar Upadhyay, on failing to successfully finish a task given by Bigg Boss, was deputed as a ‘personal servant’ for Shakti Kapoor and Siddharth Bhardwaj, who are seen to have a grudge and dislike for him on the show. After much deliberation, and coming up with funny names like ‘D.K. Bose’, Shakti and Siddharth mischievously named him ‘P.K. Lele’, with Shakti claiming that it was the name of a character he had played in one of his films starring Sanjay Dutt.

Speaking to reporters, MNS leader Raj Thackeray has demanded an immediate apology. “Kapoor and Bhardwaj should apologize to the Marathi-speaking population for the insult. Just because Lele is a Maharashtrian surname, does it mean all servants are Maharashtrians,” he questioned. “They (Kapoor and Bhardwaj) should apologize for the same within 24 hours or they will have to face the consequences,” he warned.

Bigg Boss 5- Raageshwari eviction pics with Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt

Bigg Boss 5-Is it Raageshwari?

Its Saturday and elimination time yet again in Bigg Boss 5. While viewers are busy speculating who will make an exit, we hear that it is the turn of singer Raageshwari.
A source reveals “Raageshwari was supposed to be one of the favourites so it is quite a shock that she was eliminated. This was one unexpected ouster”.
Catch the elimination episode tonight on Colors at 10 pm

Friday, October 21, 2011

Meet PK Lele in Bigg Boss tonight

Taking his role as a kid very seriously, Sidharth starts the day by ordering ‘mother’ Mahek around. He asks her to bring him his cap and feed him. When Mahek tells him to get his cap himself, Sidharth turns around and announces to people in the house that his ‘mom’ is very short-tempered. This irritates Mahek, who bites her tongue and keeps herself from reacting to his statements. However, when Sidharth repeatedly calls her short-tempered and tries to order her around even more, Mahek finally loses her cool. She picks on everything that Sidharth has done to irritate her during his stay in the house, and asks him to stay away from her.

Amar, having failed the secret task assigned to him, was given his punishment by Bigg Boss. Amar has been assigned to be a personal slave to fellow male contestants, Sidharth and Shakti, till further intimation. Amar seemed to be peeved at the idea of playing this role, especially because the duo has renamed him PK Lele for the duration of this punishment. Sidharth and Shakti, later discuss with the other housemates, about Amar’s attempt to get them to change their minds about the captain nominations and how they didn’t pay much heed to his requests at that time.

Pooja Misrra tries to have a regular conversation with Vida, but due to the prior notions that have been formed in the contestants’ minds about her behaviour, Vida chooses to disregard her opinions and statements. Vida then goes on to tell Pooja Misrra that she would prefer to not talk to her because she does not like Pooja’s attitude. Pooja Misrra, unable to understand this issue, tries to argue with Vida and understand her point of view, but soon gives up and agrees to keep interaction with her to a minimum.

Frustrated with the way Shakti and Sidharth are treating him, Amar informs Lakshmi that he is biding his time and will take revenge when the time is right. In fact, they even make Amar dance to Shakti’s song Tunna Tunna to agitate him, but are unsuccessful at it because Amar takes it light-heartedly. At the end of the day, it is announced that the contestants have successfully completed their weekly task and were rewarded 1800 points to manage their weekly luxury budget.

After dinner, a special Vodafone Facebook task is given to the contestants. The contestants live the life-sized version of the most popular functions of Facebook. The task was carried out in four stages and the winners of each task were given special prizes. While the contestants were enjoying the task at its onset, eventually the task saw an emotional outburst by Sidharth who revealed to his fellow contestants the details of his personal life including his estrangement from him family. He added that though he is proud of the progress he has made in his life, he still misses his family. Hearing his pain-filled life story, every member in the Bigg Boss house had tears in their eyes and provided him with some much-needed support.

O Lala song-The Dirty Picture

Vidya Balan in The Dirty Picture

Thursday, October 20, 2011

SRK hits 50

By Natasha Coutinho

Shah Rukh Khan will be seen in a special episode of KBC tonight where he will promote his film Ra.One.

A source reveals " Shah Rukh will win Rs 50 lakh in the episode afterwhich the buzzer will ring. He is the only celebrity this season who has  won such a high amount."

Well it ceternily seems like SRK's practise as the host of KBC 3 where he had replaced Amitabh Bachchan, seems to have paid off.

Pool party in Bigg Boss

Amar had been assigned a secret task by Bigg Boss to convince his co-contestants that neither Shonali nor Pooja Bedi are the right choices for a probable captain for the upcoming week. As day 18 commences, Amar realizes that he has very little time to convince most of the people in the house about changing the nominations for the captain elections, Amar starts to panic. Later in the day, captain nominations are held and the new captain for the coming week is elected.

Prior to the elections, Lakshmi had promised Shonali that she would vote for her as the captain for the coming week, but Lakshmi changed her mind and chose to vote for Pooja Bedi instead. Once the elections were over, Shonali taunts Lakshmi and accuses her of being a betrayer because she broke her promise. An agitated Lakshmi loses her temper and lashes out at Shonali for being questioned about her vote. Lakshmi is furious as she claims to be neutral and justifies to all that she will stick her ground regardless of what the others might have to say about her actions. She made it clear that she doesn’t need to follow anybody’s instructions and is smart enough to decide what she wants to do. Mahek and Vida try to calm her down but she is too angry and continues to accuse Shonali for trying to be influential while being unfair and unreasonable.

Knowing that Amar doesn’t share a perfectly peaceful rapport with most of the members of the Bigg Boss 5 house, Sidharth decided to poison their ears about Amar and share some ‘outside’ world insights. Sidharth revealed to Shakti Kapoor and some other housemates the content of his interviews before he entered the Bigg Boss house. He also mentioned that Amar had decided to use the divide and rule strategy and made some derogatory comments about all the contestants before entering the house. This upset the other contestants in the house and worsened Amar’s image in their eyes.

To add to the fun quotient in the house, a pool party was organized for the housemates. The contestants were provided swimsuits, food and music and a party atmosphere is set up. All the contestants jump into the pool and have a gala time while forgetting all the ill-feelings they have been harboring for each other. Special bonding moments were evident between Amar-Mahek, Amar-Vida, Sidharth-Vida, Sidharth-Shonali, Shakti-Vida and Shakti-Shraddha while the rest of the people continued to mingle with each other and dance while shedding their inhibitions. All in all, a chilled out atmosphere is created which keeps the housemates happy and content.

Police to visit Amar Upadhyay at Bigg Boss house?

When interior designer Shyam Bhatia designed the Bigg Boss House with vibrant colours and open spaces, he wouldn’t have dreamt in his wildest dreams that the Mumbai Police would barge into it a few weeks later.

Amar, Upadhyay is being summoned by an Udaipur court for a cheque bouncing case.Udaipur-based Harinarayan Soni, had reportedly invested in Amar’s company Mihir Virani Multitrade Pvt Ltd, which the actor had formed with two other partners. The company is said to have been named after Amar’s screen name, in the hope of using its popularity to attract more investors. It followed the finance chain-membership system and Soni has claimed that he earned profits worth Rs 7 lakh in 2001.

It is said that the cheque issued eight years later by Upadhyay’s company, however, bounced, and Soni approached the police, and subsequently filed a court case.

“To my knowledge, Amar resigned and exited the said company way back on Dec 23, 2003 and has not been part of it since then,” informed the actor's publicist and spokesperson Dale Bhagwagar, who is handling his media affairs, while Amar is lodged in the Bigg Boss House.

“The said cheque could have been issued after his exit from the company and Amar might not even be aware of this case. Someone could be trying to make him a soft target with such false allegations to gain publicity, as he is a celebrity and is currently confined to the walls of the Bigg Boss House; completely cut off from the outside world,” Dale added.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Manjusha's new avatar

Swati Anand aka the vamp Manjusha from Pavitra Rishta on Zee will soon be seen in a Hindi film . Check out Manjusha's new avatar in TENSION DOOOOR.COM. Che

Rithvik picks his holiday destinations

By Natasha Coutinho
Thanks to their hectic shooting schedules TV stars need a break to relax often and what can be more relaxing than a nice holiday? So where does Rithvik Dhanjani aka Jeh from Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani like to holiday? He reveals it all.
Speaking about places I loved visiting would be Goa topping the list for all the fun from the beaches to the parties to water sports
This would be followed by Thailand because it’s a beautiful place.
Bangkok would come next for the amazing shopping I did there.
Then I love Dubai as a place for its Arabian food, the desert safari's and much more.
 I also loved Kerala for the house boats and massages and sightseeing.
Last  but not the least I love Singapore. I  haven’t been there much but whatever I had seen of the place was lovely.

Amar geared up for secret task

The housemates wake up and continue with their weekly task of being parents and kids. The overgrown children are having a gala time as they get to play all day and their parents pamper them while giving the kids everything they ask for. The parents, though a little annoyed, seem to be enjoying the roles assigned to them.  

Shakti and Sidharth contemplate about captain nominations for the coming week. The duo analyzes and evaluates every contestant to figure out who will be the best person for the role of captain. Sidharth was called into the confession room and asked to select two people out of which any one will be elected as the captain for the following week. Though Sidharth doesn’t reveal to the housemates why he had been called into the confession room, a nervous Mahek hints to Sidharth about who should be nominated for the captain’s position. Later, Sidharth is called back to the confession room to enumerate his final selection. Bigg Boss then reveals the names to the other contestants in the house and permits them to campaign and lobby for votes so that they are elected for the position.

Mandeep and Shakti discuss Sidharth’s inclusion in Pooja Bedi’s gang and how this will strengthen their group while exposing the others to elimination. Amar mocks Sidharth and his lack of tact to which Mahek finally expresses her views about the newcomer of the house.

Amar is given a secret task until daybreak to convince 7 members of the house to call a re-nomination for the post of captain and get their decision to Bigg Boss or convince Sidharth to change his decision in front of the camera. Amar puts in full efforts to try to change the minds of the contestants who originally seemed satisfied with Sidharth’s decision.

Ending the captaincy discussion and ensuing tension, Bigg Boss adds a fun twist to the weekly task. The kids of the house are allotted a task of organizing a birthday party for Sidharth, whose nickname for the weekly task is Chinku. The fellow kids were required to decorate the house, make personalized greeting cards, cut a birthday cake and provide entertainment for the entire group. Raageshwari, who has been renamed Doll for the weekly task, was asked to lead the preparations for the bacha party. The ‘parents’ and ‘kids’ alike look at this as a chance to forget about their differences and have some fun.