Monday, October 24, 2011

Bigg Boss 5- Catfights in Bigg Boss house

For a while after Raageshwari left the Bigg Boss House and Sidharth was sent to jail, the contestants continued to remain upset and cranky. Shonali’s incorrect allegation against Pooja Misrra’s harmful behaviour is brought up again and it’s imminent that Raageshewari’s message of love and peace vanished as conspiracy and back-biting started all over again.

The next day starts with nominations for evictions being conducted. The results shocked all the contestants and sent tempers flaring. During the course of the day, Shraddha revealed it was her birthday, but she was barely prepared for what was going to come her way. Her first bad break was a fight with Pooja Bedi. The latter was very rude to Shraddha and blamed her for breaking the house rules by keeping the buckets occupied during bathing hours. Shraddha, not taking this lightly, lashed out at Pooja Bedi for ill-treating her.

Shraddha’s next problem arose with Vida who seemed to have unknowingly taken up the responsibility to irk the birthday girl. Not knowing that it was Shraddha’s birthday, Vida continued to taunt and disrespect Shraddha by talking over her and laughing at any attempts made at correcting her. Vida, in fact, did not even let Shraddha complete her conversation with Lakshmi. This bothered Shraddha a lot and she was furious with Vida for being mean to her. However, she let it pass soon after.

Even after these two arguments, Shraddha’s bad day was far from over. Mahek provoked Shraddha by calling her two-faced and saying that she was trying too hard to please her fellow housemates. Mahek also highlighted some comments that had been made against Shraddha by Shakti and told her that she was clearly not the way he claimed she was. Shraddha initially asked Mahek to stay out of it, but when the latter remained persistent, she lost her cool. A huge catfight ensued that was broken up by the other housemates.

Shraddha was taken to the garden area by captain Shonali, Pooja Misrra and Lakshmi. When Lakshmi tried to play peacemaker, she said some more things that further angered Shraddha who turned around and gave Lakshmi a piece of her mind as well. Seeing that the situation was moving from bad to worse, Shonali and the other girls quickly led Shraddha to her bedroom and tried to calm her down. A very hyper and emotional Shraddha then broke down.

While the fights were breaking out all over the house, Shakti came out and gave a disclaimer to the housemates that being a family man; he would like to be kept out of the discussions. However, the other members looked at this as an escapist strategy and discussed everything that he had said to them individually – in turn unearthing his plan of evicting the girls in the house. It clearly looked like Shakti Kapoor’s strategy has been revealed and now he might have to face the consequences.

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