Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sukirti rubbishes marriage story

By Natasha Coutinho
Sukirti Kandpal aka Piya is upset as Tellychakkar’s online magazine published a story claiming she is married and the man in question is none other than her ex boyfriend , Mavendra Singh. Sukirti who is currently dating Rishabh Jain and is very happy with the relationship is understandably livid with the false news.
What was your reaction when you read the story about your marriage?
Well I was very surprised. Because I myself don't know that I'm married. And some magazine wrote that I'm very happy with my hubby. I wonder who he is.

How did family and friends react?
Well my family doesn’t get affected by such things. But irresponsible statements of  the media have got a lot of people who don't know me thinking.

What is your version, the truth about the matter?
Well firstly I'm  not married engaged or nothing even near to it. We live in a modern era and 23 according to me is not an age for marriage. I had given an interview about how my life is a fairytale and it has been tampered with.

Do you plan to take any action in this matter ?
Yes I have spoken to Tellychakkar  regarding an apology. Mavendra Singh is my ex boyfriend and he is a  dear friend of mine now. We know each other for almost 7 years and I don't like things like this coming in between us.  I think its plain irresponsibility and tampering of information.

Do you plan to marry in real in the near future?
Marriage is a very big thing . And I need to be sure that I'm going to be v happy after I get married so marriage will be a thoughtful decision for me.

What would your dream wedding be like?
My dream wedding would be in a white gown . In Monaco as I love the place.

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