Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bigg Boss 5- Shraddha offends Pooja Bedi by calling her aunty

The day started with a big fight between Shraddha and Pooja Bedi over an omlette. Pooja Bedi seems to dislike Shradhha’s cooking. On this both of them had an argument & finally Pooja Bedi decides to make her own breakfast. After breakfast, Pooja Bedi and Juhi were discussing Raageshwari’s eviction and how the increase in fights since her exit must be affecting her. Shraddha involved herself in the conversation and a few heated words were exchanged between Pooja Bedi and Shraddha.

Bored with the negativity that 10 women and 3 men brought to the house, Vida shared her disappointment with Bigg Boss and said she hoped more men entered the house soon so that the contestants could engage in something other than back-biting and hypocrisy.

A task was announced in the house where contestants were given masks, capes and gloves and were asked to come up with a superhero name and a super power. Contestants were also asked to perform to a song where Lakshmi was made choreographer. While the song was playing and the contestants were performing, Sky (Akashdeep) entered the house in a superhero costume. When Sky entered, he danced seductively with Lakshmi and she pulled off his mask. After everyone had greeted him, the song continued and Sky also continued to dance with Lakshmi.

It seems that the new comer got his first company in the house. Lakshmi took Sky into the room and both of them spoke about the happenings in house and also the outside world for at least for half an hour. Lakshmi made him aware about the catfights going in the house and warned him to stay away from the controversies. Sky, in turn, told her about what is going in the outer world.

Another fight broke out between Pooja Bedi and Shraddha. The duo started a war of words based on Shraddha calling Pooja Bedi an aunty. This statement made Pooja Bedi very upset and she asked Shraddha not to call her aunty. She also asked Shakti to support her on this but he completely ignored her which caused Pooja Bedi to lose her temper and share her woes with Amar. Shakti had decided not to talk to any woman in the house therefore he didn’t reply to Pooja Bedi but Pooja Bedi believes that Shakti doesn’t respect her and their 22 year old friendship. Shonali tried to calm Pooja Bedi down but she messed with Shonali also and tried to put a bad image of Shakti in front of camera.

The weekly task was announced. To celebrate Diwali, the contestants were split up into teams of two and asked to make candles. The team that will achieve the target of making 500 candles first, will be declared winner of the task. For this purpose, the teams will be required to work days and nights in order to attempt to win the competition.

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