Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sukirti shares things close to her heart

By Natasha Coutinho

Some fashion advice that I would like to share with fans- Well the advice I would like to give my fans is that don't follow fashion trends blindly. A lot of times the fashion is either not tuned to your body type or is very short lived. So always have a basic style of dressing which suits your body type and complements you. Fashion means being comfortable and being at ease. Only then will your personality show

The best gift that I have received from fans is-The best gift is a silver mirror from Neha and Nida from Dubai. I keep it next to my bed

The thing that makes me happiest - It is the realization that god has given me so much at such a young age. I can make my decisions and I'm not dependent on anybody.

My best friends are -I have a lot of good friends.

I love chilling at - Indigo deli in Colaba, Taj lands end and  Leopold cafe.

My ultimate romantic getaway is - Monaco.

Being a role model to youngsters means - A lot. I think in India we have very few shows which are youth based shows that they can look upto, I'm very happy I make a portion of that very small portion :)

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