Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Contestants celebrate 25

The day started with Siddhart flirting with Shonali. Shonali was missing her family and got very sentimental, Siddhath saw her upset & lent his shoulder. He tried to make Shonali laugh by passing some silly jokes.  Lakshmi observing this called Siddharth and teased him. Followed by this, contestants received Diwali gifts from their loved ones. These gifts were specially delivered inside the house to lighten the overall tense atmosphere. Everyone, except Pooja Misrra, became really emotional upon seeing their gifts. Pooja Misrra seemed uninterested in the gifts sent to her by her friends. Adding to the joyous feeling in the house, captaincy nominations were held. Contestants were asked to choose between re nominating Shonali as the captain or electing a new captain. The poll was completed a new captain for a upcoming week was finalized. Pooja Bedi and Mahek were upset about who was chosen the captain for the coming week. The duo was also stunned at Lakshmi's votes and confronted her about it. 
 For the coming week, Shraddha and Siddhart were given the task for dish washing and the cooking team, comprising of Juhi and Pooja Bedi, expressed dissatisfaction with their work. Juhi was disappointed with Shraddha’s work because she felt Shraddha was not doing a good job at cleaning the dishes and they were still dirty. Juhi then asked the captain to take the issue up with dishwashing team and ensure they did their job well.Irritated about the way she was being treated, Shraddha approached everyone in the house at different times and spoke ill about Pooja Bedi.
 In the evening, the housemates were provided a few items along with the idol of Goddess Lakshmi in order to conduct a small Lakshmi Puja to celebrate Diwali. All the housemates were overjoyed at this and begun preparations for a Puja. Soon after the puja, a task was announced for the contestants. For the task, they had to give their opinions about who was the best and most efficient person in the house. 
 To add to the Diwali celebrations, Bigg Boss sent in a special big dark chocolate cake and also lots of fireworks. Contestants lit the firework and celebrated diwali by wishing their family, friends and Bigg Boss. They thanked Bigg Boss for making them feel special while they were spending time away from family. This 25 day celebration coincided with Diwali, only made this celebration more special.

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