Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stars share Diwali plans

 Its celebration time yet again. As we prepare for Diwali with diyas, sweets and fire crackers we find out what some stars from the Tellyworld plan to do this Diwali.

Ankita Lokhande - I have always loved this festival of lights. Making rangolis and ofcourse bursting crackers is so much fun! And we also tend to have a small celebration on the sets of Pavitra Rishta as well. It is like one big happy family! The huge variety of sweets that one has at home makes this my time of indulgence as it is the only occasion I get to spend time with my family and close friends. Of course, as always, the year’s celebrations depends on our shoot schedules although Sushant and I do plan to definitely spend a day with our families.

Nivedita Tiwari - Diwali is a festival of Laxmi puja, lights, earthern lamps, crackers & lots of sweets. I have some good memories of my childhood days on how we used to celebrate this festival. Being the youngest daughter it was my responsibility to decorate the entire house. I have a huge house in Faizabad and I used to decorate it with earthern lamps from early in the morning. After the Laxmi-Ganesh puja our first job was to light up the earthen lamps and burst crackers. In our family, we have a tradition of having “Paan” during Diwali and this was the only time my dad used to have paan. As I shifted to Mumbai I make sure to follow the same rituals here as well however the only difference being- here I celebrate this festival with my extended family i.e. my close friends. However, this year I will also be celebrating it with my co-stars of Bhagonwali.

Vibha Chibber - I love the festival of lights. It’s the time of the year when we celebrate with our near and dear ones and this is an occasion which brings all of us closer. It spreads so much cheer…What I do not like at all and will never approve is of all night drinking and playing cards. I don’t understand why people cannot enjoy a festival without the consumption of liquor.
This year I have full plans of celebrating Diwali with my cast and crew of Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein. There’s going to be a big celebration on the sets. I have also invited all my co-actors to my place on the Diwali day for a gala dinner! 

Rubina Dilaik - I get very excited during festivals right from childhood. This is the only time when the entire family gets together and we all exchange gifts. I remember one incident where we had gone to our relative’s place and returned to find that one rocket had burnt our curtains. Thankfully the windows were closed and no damage was done to the room. In Mumbai, the city is dotted with lights and it’s a wonderful sight to see every nook and corner lit up.  This year I’m hoping for a day off from the shoot of Chhoti Bahu a couple of days prior to Diwali so that I can go shopping for diyas and other decorative and decorate my  house beautifully.

Priya Marathe - 
Diwali for me is all about crackers, sweets, new clothes, rangoli, kandils and the clay diwali houses. I actively participated in making the elaborate and ornate Rangoli at our doorstep with my siblings. I think the kid in me is still alive and I refuse to be just sitting around during festivals. This is the only time of the year when we can have unrestrained fun and not be reprimanded for acting like a kid. Lakshmi Puja forms an integral part of the Diwali function. 

Deeya Chopra - Diwali is an important festival for Hindus which marks Lord Ram’s homecoming after defeating the demon Ravana. As kids we used to smear ourselves with sandalwood in the morning and then take a shower. Evenings were spent in lighting up the entire house with Diyas and lights and making Rangolis. We eagerly looked forward to visit our cousins during Diwali and burst crackers together. Festive time is all about spending time with our near and dear ones and soaking in the air of festivity. This year I have been invited by Vibbha Chibber ji (my onscreen saas) to her place for dinner! I’m really looking forward to go there and gorge on the yummy food that she prepares!
Suhasi Dhami -Diwali has always been an important celebration for my family. As a tradition, the entire family comes down from all parts of the country to celebrate Diwali. It truly is an amazing experience to have each and every family member present for the puja every day. Being a hindu, the grih pravesh also forms an important part of the celebration. Then who can forget the sweets, crackers, lights & card games in the evenings. However what always excited me the most was the new clothes that we had to have for all of the days of Diwali. This year will be no different (hopefully).

Ragini Nandwani - I have always celebrated Diwali with my family. It is that one occasion that I get to meet my entire family at one place. Ofcourse the gifts that I receive from my bhaiyyas is also an added incentive. *laughs*
I absolutely love helping my mom make sweets and decorate the house with lights, diyas & rangolis. The lights and the festive atmosphere makes the entire house look so beautiful! 

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