Thursday, October 20, 2011

Police to visit Amar Upadhyay at Bigg Boss house?

When interior designer Shyam Bhatia designed the Bigg Boss House with vibrant colours and open spaces, he wouldn’t have dreamt in his wildest dreams that the Mumbai Police would barge into it a few weeks later.

Amar, Upadhyay is being summoned by an Udaipur court for a cheque bouncing case.Udaipur-based Harinarayan Soni, had reportedly invested in Amar’s company Mihir Virani Multitrade Pvt Ltd, which the actor had formed with two other partners. The company is said to have been named after Amar’s screen name, in the hope of using its popularity to attract more investors. It followed the finance chain-membership system and Soni has claimed that he earned profits worth Rs 7 lakh in 2001.

It is said that the cheque issued eight years later by Upadhyay’s company, however, bounced, and Soni approached the police, and subsequently filed a court case.

“To my knowledge, Amar resigned and exited the said company way back on Dec 23, 2003 and has not been part of it since then,” informed the actor's publicist and spokesperson Dale Bhagwagar, who is handling his media affairs, while Amar is lodged in the Bigg Boss House.

“The said cheque could have been issued after his exit from the company and Amar might not even be aware of this case. Someone could be trying to make him a soft target with such false allegations to gain publicity, as he is a celebrity and is currently confined to the walls of the Bigg Boss House; completely cut off from the outside world,” Dale added.

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