Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Mahek seeks revenge from Sky

The day starts with Siddharth swimming in the pool early in the morning and Mahek passes by. An upset Mahek points a finger at Siddharth & tells him that for now he can get away with wearing bangles and stay out of the situation but she will soon get back to him and teach him a lesson as well. Siddharth tells her to bring it on and accuses her of being very unreasonable. 

 The day has yet another fight with Siddharth bursting out at Vida as she had accused him of being immature. Vida had told him to stay away from her the previous night when Mahek was very emotional about her outburst with Sky. A stubborn Siddharth still went ahead and brought the topic of Vida accusing him of eating too much ‘dal’. Vida shooed him away from the scene by telling him that her friend’s emotions are more important rather than his stupid childish behavior.

Sky explains to Shonali that she needs to stop mediating as that lands her in trouble without her noticing. In sometime, an agitated Mahek lashes out at Sky for the embarrassment that he had caused her last night. She is extremely furious and abuses and accuses him of being totally inhuman. She is very aggressive and warns him by saying that she will stay and ensure that she teaches him a lesson for his misbehavior. Sky fights back and accuses her further and calls her a dustbin and walks off the situation. 

After all the trauma, torture & chaos the housemates are left in a very vulnerable state. Shonali the ex captain of the house is found extremely confused & spaced out. She sits on the dining table with Sky, Mandeep etc and bursts into tears as she is absolutely clueless about what is happening in the house and doubts everybody’s intentions. A while later, Sky and Siddharth are sitting in the verandah and discussing the post effects of the fight. Sky expresses that he hates Lakshmi Tripathi.  

Sky tells Siddharth that Lakshmi is purely a two faced woman and she just pretends to be fair all the time to gain everyone’s attention. She is actually a diplomatic person who contradicts herself by bitching about others all the time & supporting her friends even when they are wrong. Also, he accuses Amar of being a sissy and staying out of the entire scene. Looks like the men in the house are no lesser in gossiping amongst themselves!

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