Monday, November 7, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Sky suceeds in his plans

The day starts with Sky n Siddharth feeling bad about Mandeep’s eviction.  The boys and most of the girls as well in the house are seen pretty upset post her exit. The house has an absurd silence for sometime as Mandeep was the topic of most of the conversations.
After sometime, Bigg Boss asks all the housemates to assemble in the living area for the weekly nominations. The nominations take place and four exciting and unexpected housemates get nominated. Then, Siddharth & Pooja Misra gang up on Shraddha the captain of the house. They lash out at her for being an unfair captain.
Sky instigates Pooja Misra to fight with Shonali and Vida before it gets too late. He explains to her that if she doesn’t fight with either of them then her chances of elimination would increase. His mastermind was plotting this plan in order to blame Shraddha at the end of all this and get her into a vulnerable state.
In a while, Pooja Misra is seen going crazy and shouting her lungs out at Vida. She is yelling at her for not giving her equal opportunity to use the kitchen when required. The fight gets really ugly until the housemates intervene and stop the fight. The day ends with Sky expressing his happiness as his plan had so far succeeded.  

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