Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Catch Shraddha Sharma's love story tonight

With Swamiji’s entry in the house, the atmosphere of the house has completely changed. The morning dawn breaks in the Bigg Boss house with Swami-ji holding a Yoga and Pranayam session for all the housemates. Housemates were not only breathing the early morning fresh air, but were also over enthusiastic after the early morning workout. After the breakfast session was over, Sky sat down for a talk with Swami-ji telling him about how the happenings in this house would affect his family watching all this sitting at home. Swami-ji assured him that everyone outside would understand the circumstances inside that are making all the contestants behave in a peculiar manner.

As the day passes, we see Sidharth being assigned the task of taking care of Swami-ji. Sidharth’s motivation to fulfill his responsibilities is evident when he asks Swami-ji if he could be dressed in the same Orange robe that Swami-ji is dressed in. Swami-ji agrees to the deal and hands over an extra pair or the Orange robe over to Sidharth. But with the Orange robe come many responsibilities is what Swami-ji explains to Sidharth and hence wee soon see Sidharth change into those clothes and follow things that Swami-ji mentions.

Bigg Boss then assigns a daily task of ‘Swami-ji ki Sabha’ to Pooja Bedi. Pooja Bedi takes the task letter outside the confession room and reads it out to the other housemates. The task is about housemates lead by Swami Agnivesh discussing gender inequality. Pooja Bedi is assigned to be the moderator of the task. As soon as the task is over, Sharddha in an attempt to fulfill her secret task puts Amar in jail.

As a part of the secret task, Shraddha builds up a fairy tale love story. As a part of the story, Shraddha is angered at Amar for not reciprocating to her advances and ended up punishing him for the same. Shraddha was also annoyed with Vida for flirting with the love of her life and hence punishes her too. We also see Pooja Misrra sitting down with Swami-ji and telling him about how she does not feel that she is being treated equally by the other contestants inside the house. The day ends with Swami-ji and other housemates singing in unison and ending their day in peace.

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