Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Amar's game plan exposed

The early morning sunrise brings along a lot of joy and enthusiasm to everyone inside the Bigg boss house. As they wake up and start with their daily chores, we see Mahek and Shraddha sitting and talking about Amar has changed his game and become a game player and a schemer plotting against every woman inside the house. Mahek tells Shraddha that she has seen Amar sit and discuss things with Sky as soon as he is out of the pink room. He would go discuss with Sky everything that the girls would talk which is in a manner very wrong. Shraddha adds on to say that she has noticed this double faced behavior of Amar for long now.
As the two shift out of Mahek’s room to the garden, Amar catches a glimpse of them talking and rushes in the garden to taunt them. He tells them that he know they have been bitching about him. Shraddha tells Amar that there are issues and being friends they should sit down and talk of the issues just like all friends do and not unnecessarily taunt each other. In his clearance, Amar tells Mahek that he has not been playing games with them but instead has been trying to understand Sky’s point of view and know what is cooking in his head.
As the scene shifts to the kitchen, we see Sidharth coming up to Sky to talk to him and the two start talking about Amar. They talk about how Amar has been jumping between the two of them switching his teams on and off. When the two are talking Sky tells Sidharth that Sidharth has crossed the line too many times now and that he has hurt Sky a lot. The both decide that they will now work with each other but not interfere too much in each other’s matters.
As the day progresses, Sky and Mahek are called inside the confession room and are served a lavish lunch and are asked to sort their differences out over lunch. The two instead end up fighting all the more and Mahek breaks down in front of Sky in the confession room to which Sky says that she is doing all this for nothing but for sympathy.
Sky comes out and tells Sidharth and Shonali what had happened in the confession room to which Sidharth replies back saying he was never given this chance. Shonali replies back to Sidharth’s comment saying that he has never been in a constant fight with anyone in the house unlike Mahek and Sky. Shraddha comes out and sees Sidharth sulking and tells him that Bigg Boss has done justice to him when required and referred to the Pooja Misrra issue.
A little later, Mahek and Shraddha are seen talking about the confession room talk that Mahek and Sky had and Mahek breaks down again. Mahek is then seen sitting in the garden with Sky and the two talk about all their differences and sort their issues out. Sky asks Mahek to let bygones be bygones and not dwell in their past but live for the future and shake hands for the future.
As the day ends we see Sky and Mahek joking about their fights in front of Amar, Juhi and Sunny and have a good laugh over all that they have done in the past.

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