Monday, November 28, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Sky and Amar turn friends

The day starts with Sky talking to the housemates post Pooja Misrra’s forceful exit about nominating Sunny as the new captain. The housemates start discussing the new nominee for captaincy. While the housemates are debating the same, Bigg Boss announces the new captain of the house according to his discretion. The housemates are a little shocked but accept it without arguing.
Post the announcement, the weekly nominations take place where in Bigg Boss calls the captain first to directly nominate a candidate. After that Bigg Boss calls all the boys in the confession room and asks them to nominate two names for direct nomination. This creates confusion amongst the boys, as they find it hard to come to a common conclusion. Finally after a while, the three boys come to a conclusion and arrive at a decision.
As usual post the nominations the housemates start the blame game and begin to justify reasons behind the nominations. The housemates keep arguing as they feel it was unfair on the boys to randomly nominate people based on their personal likes and dislikes. In sometime, after things cool down a little Sunny and Sky are seen discussing something rather personal. Sunny whispers to Sky and tells him that he is a really close friend of hers and she can’t lie to him anymore.
She tells Sky that she had lied about a minute thing about her past to him and the rest of the housemates. While she was about to confess, Sky interrupts and tells her that he knows and the others do not need to know about her past life experience as this show doesn’t need one to reveal the same. Sunny gets a little taken aback, but she responds to Sky’s answer with a lovely smile. The converstion does not prolong after that.
Shonali & Siddharth are then seen in the green room confronting each other. Siddharth blames Shonali for playing a very diplomatic double game with the housemates. He feels that Shonali is very good with twisting her words with time. Shonali retaliates by justifying that she expresses her feelings only to people she is comfortable with. The both argue for a while until Siddharth gets fed up of her nonsense and walks off.
Shonali is then seen bitching about Siddharth to Juhi. The duo discuss that Amar is fair as he admits openly about him playing games with everyone but Siddharth just pretends to the nice guy. Meanwhile, Sky and Siddharth have a healthy laughter over a smoke about Shraddha and her actions. The bad boys come together in bitching about her. The day ends with Amar & Sky plotting a game plan for the coming week’s nominations. Seems like the former enemies have now turned into best buddies, probably to win the show.

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