Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Sunny impresses housemates

The starts with yet another exciting wake up song. All the housemates especially the girls wake up and dance to the tunes of the song with much enthusiasm. Amar, Mahek, Sky and Juhi are seen near the exercising area where Amar is working out. A sly Sky starts taunting Amar by say rather nasty things about his career ahead of Bigg Boss in a not so funny manner. Amar listens carefully but does not react. Sky goes on about how Amar would suffer once he gets Amar out of Bigg Boss and laughs in his trademark devilish manner.
Sky goen on about Amar and also involves Mahek and mocks the way she talks. Sky taunts Amar by caling Shraddha his girl friend.  Amar doesn’t accept this jovially and retaliates by saying that all the girls in the Bigg Boss house are just his friends and nothing more. Sky then picks on Amar by pairing him up with Vida and all the touching and intimacy Vida used to share with him. Amar gets pissed off and says that it is pure friendship and he is a happy and dedicated to his marriage. After Sky leaves the scene Amar expresses how low and dirty Sky can fall to gain attention and tells everyone that he will just ignore Sky from then onwards.
After a while, Sky, Siddharth and Sunny are seen hanging out near the bathroom area. Sky persuades Sunny to find him a bride just like her. He asks her if she has a single sister who is ready to mingle. Sunny tells him that she has a few single cousins who are also from Indian origin but they are a little picky about their guys. Sky convinces Sunny that he would manage to be picked by her cousin and all she needs to do is help him out by getting to meet her. Sunny smiles and the three walk out of the bathroom area laughing.
Pooja Misrra is also in the bathroom area during this conversation. While walking out Siddharth requests Pooja Misrra to make breakfast for all the housemates. Pooja Misrra tells Siddahth she would make breakfast only after she will bathe. Siddharth immediately complains to the captain- Amar. Amar who is showering at the time instructs Pooja Misrra that she needs to make breakfast first and then go for a shower. A sulking Pooja Misrra Agrees and walks out to make breakfast.
In sometime, Sky is seen in the captain’s room with Amar. He fakes an apology and starts bitching about Siddharth to him. Sky goes on about how childish Siddharth’s behavior is turning out to be and his immaturity in dealing with girls is visibly very poor. They both express how Siddharth has been switching his sides towards the different groups in the house without realizing the consequences.
Meanwhile, Sunny, Juhi, Pooja Bedi and Siddharth are seen chilling in the garden area. They were all talking about Sunny and her amazing looks. Juhi Parmar then commented by saying that Sunny is perfect for bollywood as she has a charming face, cuteness, innocence and the much needed freshness. Pooja Bedi and the rest also agreed immediately. Sunny smiles and explains that no matter how much she would love to work in bollywood, she feels it is not an easy job at all. The rest of the housemates encourage her by saying that she will learn everything with time and there was no need to worry.
Sunny is then seen inside the house mopping the floor rather dedicatedly along with Siddharth. The weekly task is then introduced by Bigg Boss to the housemates. Amar as the captain takes charge and announces the task for the housemates. The housemates have a hearty laugh and move on. The day ends on a happy note, where Sunny is admired and complimented by Juhi, Sky etc for being a complete cute heart and spreading her warm smile and winning all their hearts. Sky assures her that he or anyone would never vote for her nominations because of her cuteness.

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