Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bigg Boss 5- Sky causes more trouble in the house

The early morning song cheers up everyone in the house. But as soon as they freshen up, the day takes a twist that changes everyone’s chemistry inside the house.
Amar, Sidharth and Sky are seen sitting in the garden and talking when Sky starts pulling Sidharth’s leg. He tells Sidharth that he saw Shraddha and Sidharth talk hand in hand and mock unnecessary fun at him. Sidharth retaliates saying it was nothing but a very friendly gesture from Shraddha’s side and Sky should not unnecessarily make fun of it. Sidharth walks out of the conversation getting irritated since Sky begins to get personal.

After Sidharth goes inside he talks to Shraddha and tells her what had just happened in the garden. He tells Shraddha that Sky is doing nothing but spoiling his image. Mahek is also seen giving tips to Shraddha in a while and tells Shradhha that it is Juhi and Sky who are playing a double game. Seeing this Sky gets irritated with Sidharth and calls Sidharth an ‘evil guy’  and tells him that now even he will reveal what all Sidharth has spoken about other contestants in the house.

Seeing the confusion, Juhi asks Shraddha to confront Sky and cool the matter down. When Shraddha talks to Sky, she understands that the actual was different from what was being portrayed and ends up getting confused and breaks down. Sky tells Shraddha that it was all nothing but a joke.

Sky goes out and fights with Sidharth. They talk about events that have been going wrong inside the house and each ends up blaming other for the same. They also pop in the discussion of Shonali and Sidharth taunts Sky that now since Sidharth has had a fight with Shonali, Sky will eventually get close to her even though he was badmouthing her a few days back. Sky in return ends up blaming Sidharth for instigating the argument between him and Shraddha.

After all the confusion, Shraddha lashes out at Sky and both end up having a huge argument to which the entire house becomes a witness. Sky is so agitated that he threatens to leave the home, to which Sunny adds saying it would not be difficult for Sky to leave the house, but his mother who is watching the show would want him to stay back and fight for his right. Juhi tries calming both down but nothing works.

As the day progresses, the entire house is seen upset with all that had happened in the morning. But of all, Sky seemed the most irritated and refuses to do any task. This is when Mahek approaches him to cook dinner and when he refuses, Mahek asks him to cook his own food and eat if he wants to. He asks Mahek to get out of the room which irritates Mahek and she lashes out on him. He disgusts Mahek by calling her names and calling her a loser. 

To this Sunny says that she can’t help smiling and laughing at all these fights. As the day ends, Sunny is seen sitting in the garden with Juhi and Sky trying to tell them about her real identity, but they both refuse to listen and ask her to keep shut. They tell her that whatever she might be, she is their friend at the end of the day and that they love her no matter what.

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