Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Mahesh Bhatt in Bigg Boss house

The day begins with everyone in the house waking up in a jolly mood and dancing to the tunes of ‘Jadu hai nasha hai’ from the movie Jism.
Sidharth’s hunger strike continues as he does not eat anything and walks around the house in the same gloomy mood. He is called inside the confession room by Bigg Boss in a while and is asked to eat food and break his fast. He confesses to Bigg Boss about how he had felt bad about not being given a fair chance of sorting his fights out with the fellow contestants. Bigg Boss pacifies Sidharth by saying that there is no reason why Sidharth would be treated unequal in the house and that Bigg Boss had no intentions of making him feel so. Soon Sidharth’s anger melts away and he breaks his fast by eating fruits. He goes out and talks to Sky about all that had happened in the confession room.
As everyone in the house is preparing for lunch, Bigg Boss calls Sunny in the confession room and introduces her to Mahesh Bhatt who has come to the Bigg Boss house to talk to her about ‘Jism 2’. Sunny takes Mahesh Bhatt out of the confession room into the house and Mahesh Bhatt meets the other contestants of the house. Mahesh Bhatt greets everyone in the house with a lot of warmth and gratitude and carries along a lot of energy inside the house. He starts conversing with everyone in the house and observes everyone’s faces. He greets Sky in a manner that leaves Sky spell bound and joyous throughout the day.
After a while, Mahesh Bhatt and Sunny head towards the captain’s room to sit and discuss things in private. Once the duo is done talking, Mahesh Bhatt gets back to having a conversation with the contestants and everyone around is seen listening to him quietly as he imparts wisdom. Mahesh Bhatt makes everyone feel light by telling them that if the world outside is a spectator then they are nothing but performers and they should be proud of the fact and not feel burdened about it.
Mahesh Bhatt thinks that there is something that Sunny is unable to talk about in front of everyone and proceeds with her to the garden and talks to her in peace. Sunny opens up in front of him and talks to him about all her fears and her survival in the Bigg Boss house. After the conversation, Mahesh Bhatt blesses Sunny and tells her that he is glad that he made this choice of coming to the house and talking to her. He says he’s glad to meet a woman of her own terms who leads her life at her will and is not pressed down because of the societal pressures.
Soon Mahesh Bhatt leaves the house and the housemates discuss how it was great to have someone like him amidst them.
As the day ends, Sky is seen in a very light and happy mood. He is seen chatting with Sidahrth in the evening talking about how that there are a lot of vibes in the house, but it all depends on them how they take it. In the night, he hugs Juhi, Sunny and Shonali and waves them a Good Night.

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