Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Amar Upadhyay-Sidharth Bharadwaj fool Sky

With a new day, starts Sky’s new worry of busting Amar and Siddharth’s secret task. Early in the morning Sky quizzes Amar about their secret task and asks him if he and Sidharth were up all night trying to accomplish the task.

The women of the house – Mahek, Sunny and Juhi have a chat over how Mahek has come back afresh. Juhi tells Mahek that she likes this humorous and lighter side of Mahek. Sunny pitches in saying while she watched the show, she loved Mahek but once she was inside she did not get to talk to Mahek much due to the fights, but now she is enjoying it since they are getting time to spend with each other.

As the day progresses, Sidharth gets to watch the video of his fight with Sky at 4 AM in the morning. The entire house watches the video and Sky hugs Sidharth as soon as the video is over. While the two are making fun of the fight, Mahek pops in and has an argument with Sky over pushing Sidharth during the fight. She was irritated since Sky put allegations on her while Pooja Misrra was being thrown out of the house saying she had been violent and pushed Mandeep too. Sidharth pulls himself into the argument too but Sky takes it all too lightly and walks out. Sky taunts Mahek about Salman and then bitches about Mahek to Juhi and Sunny about how she was all quiet when she came back but now is back to her zone. Juhi and Sunny agree and tell him about their chat with Mahek in the morning.

Sidharth goes out and asks Sky if he is sorry for pushing him during the task. Sky tells him that it is not just about this fight, but about any fight where he is hurt anyone then he is apologetic for it.

Mahek continues to feel bad about all that Sky has done to her being on the show and hence she bitches about Sky to Sidharth. She tells Sidharth and Amar how he has gone through craziness outside since people like Pooja Misrra, Pooja Bedi and Shakti Kapoor spoke of her being steady on the show only due to Salman Khan.

Mahek then walks out in the garden and signals Sky that she will see him after the show ends outside the house.

In the evening, Amar is seen bitching to Sky, Juhi and Sunny about Sidharth. He tells them that while watching the video he saw how clueless Sidharth has been throughout the show. While, Sidharth is seen sitting outside with Mahek and is telling her not to trust Amar as he can do anything to win the show.

The day ends on a hilarious note where Sidharth and Amar plan a fake secret task just to bust Sky. The three men end up laughing their hearts out, but Sky continues with his suspicion that he began with in the morning.

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