Monday, December 5, 2011

Bigg Boss 5- The mystery behind the helmet

As Shraddha’s term in the house comes to and ends, Mahek and Sidharth are seen sulking. The two talk about how they had anticipated Sunny’s exit and were shocked to see Shraddha leave.
The next day begins with the contestants finding a helmet in the store room. They joke about the helmet being sent for Mahek so that she can save her head next time she bumps her head. Mahek and Sky make assumptions helmet thinking may be if someone wore it they will go straight into eliminations or safe zone. They also speculate a cricketer entering the house soon.
As the day progresses, Shonali is seen sitting upset as she feels that Sunny is playing games with her. This misunderstanding results into Shonali telling Juhi that she would probably never trust Sunny again. Juhi takes Shonali to her room and tries pacifying Shonali and tells her that Shonali has misunderstood things completely. Soon Sky comes to the rescue and tells Shonali that she should not unnecessarily believe people around.
In a while, Sky goes out and talks to Amar and plays a safe game with Amar as it has taken him long to win Amar’s trust. It has taken Sky too long to win Amar’s trust and if he loses it, then he will be unable to understand Amar’s silent games.
In the evening, Amar, Sidharth, Shonali and Mahek were sitting in the pink room and were discussing the coming week’s evictions when Sidharth taunts Amar about him leaving the house this week. Amar taunts him back saying it might turn out to be anyone including Sidharth himself. The two get personal and Amar taunts Sidharth of being a winner at Splitsvilla but unable to crack gold here whereas Sidharth tells Amar that he is a flop hero of a sad show and that he was chucked out of the show due to his bad performance. Sidharth goes on to tell Amar that his opinion of who is going out and who is not does not matter much. The two end up making a mountain out of a mole and are seen fighting furiously over nothing. Sky is seen entering the room seeing the two fight and cannot help the smirk on his face after seeing the two fight.
After Amar finishes his argument with Sidharth he walks out of the pink room. This is when Juhi, Sky and Sunny bond with Amar and try to win his trust.
As the day ends, Shonali is seen back in her pink room. Mahek questions her about the same since Shonali had been bonding with the green room contestants and had been sleeping there. To this Shonali replies back saying she does not want to sleep with Sunny on the same bed since she does not trust Sunny anymore.

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