Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Changing equations

As the day begins, Sunny, Sky and Juhi are seen cribbing about how they are uncomfortable in the Pink room. Sunny tells Juhi that the pink room is giving her nightmares and insomniac nights.

Soon, the ever-sleepy Sidharth dozes off in the garden area. Amar and Juhi make fun of Sidharth and Juhi takes the joke little further saying the dog-bark alarm in the house is played most often for Sidharth. Once Juhi and Sunny are back to the room and alone, Juhi tells Sunny that she felt good saying all this to Sidharth. She also says that she was friends with Sidharth in the beginning only because Sky called him his younger brother and Pooja Bedi was also friends with him.

In a while, Juhi and Sky get into the kitchen to make breakfast and Amar joins them there. Juhi is seen giving instructions to Sky when Amar starts making faces at all that Juhi has been saying.

In a while, Amar is seen sitting with Sky in the dining area bitching about Sidharth. Amar talks about how Sidharth looks weird after the hair cut. The two talk of how Sidharth is fake, egoistic and cannot control criticism at all. Sky also tells Amar that his fights are nothing but a dose of comedy and laughter for the entire house. Once Sky leaves, Amar has a monologue with the camera where he states how Sky cannot stop ranting Juhi’s name the entire day.

Juhi and Sunny are seen sitting in the garden area where Juhi tells Sunny that after coming in the house, her love for her husband has just grown multifold. She says that in comparison to the men inside the house, her husband is way too hygienic.

Amar and Sidharth are again seen catching up with each other in the afternoon when Sidharth makes a random comment at how Amar has been playing games inside the house. To this Amar replies back saying that he is playing with his mind and not with his heart and that he would not take any decision from his heart here. The two talk of how Juhi played her game hiding behind Sky and Pooja Bedi always. Sidharth says that he has always stood alone for himself and has fought his way through in the show unlike any of them. Amar agrees to it and says he has gone through the same too.

In the evening, Amar and Sidharth are seen discussing Sunny in the garden area. The both talk about how the tasks assigned to Sunny in the first week were tasks related to and suiting her profession and that still none of them could guess it.

As the day ends, Juhi is seen discussing with Sky how she had made a promise to Pooja Bedi that she will never shed a tear ever without a reason and how she is standing up to it.

She also mentions how she could not stand Lakshmi as she was scared of Lakshmi’s over powering behavior. Listening to this, Amar and Sidharth walk out of the conversation and continue bitching about Juhi in the kitchen area.

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