Monday, December 19, 2011

Salman's after effect

Everyone in the house is seen sad and gloomy after evictions since Salman Khan spoke to each contestant personally and showed them a mirror. After the grilling session, the housemates say that they would not do anything in the house except for actively participating in the tasks. Carrying on in the gloomy mood, Amar and Pooja Misrra are seen bitching bout Juhi and her self-centeredness in the pink room.

The next day starts with an ever enthusiastic song - ‘Crazzy Kiya Re’, to which none of the contestants are seen dancing. It turns out to be a lazy morning in the house. Amar and Sky are seen preparing breakfast in the kitchen and discussing about Symonds. Amar says he would have been excited to see either Sachin, Dravid, Kapil Dev or Bhajji in the house.

Soon Symonds and Pooja Misrra are asked to lease the house since they were not contestants but were guests on the show. While Andrew is ready and is waiting for Pooja Misrra, Sidharth manages to get time to talk to Symonds and Symonds advises Sidharth to play the game sensibly hence forth and act a little matured and live up to all that Salman has advised him to. While Pooja Misrra packs her bags, Sunny and Amar tell her that this time she can strut out with her head held high. While the two are seen leaving, Juhi asks Symonds to enact ‘Aati kya Khandala’ once again and Andrew does it perfectly this time to which all the contestants are seen applauding.

As the day progresses and eviction nominations take place, post which a little negative vibe is felt in the house. Amar and Sidharth bitch about Sky the trio - Juhi, Sunny and Sky, whereas the trio is seen bitching about Amar and the double games he has been playing. Sky then confronts Amar and asks him of what games is her trying to play to which Amar replies back saying he is not here to make relationships or friends, but to play a game and is doing just that. He says that he is playing games and is quite open about the fact.
At the end of the day, Bigg Boss announces that the now since there are only 5 members in the house, the contestants can all stay together in the Pink room and the green Room will remain shut. Sky, Sunny and Juhi are seen cribbing about it but Amar is seen quite happy as he takes this to be lesson for the trio who would have never wanted to leave their green room and come.

After everyone has shifted to the Pink room, Juhi, Sunny and Sky are seen sitting on the dining table missing all the fun they would have in the Green room with Pooja Bedi also being around and how they would just cuddle up in the quilt and talk endlessly.

Sidharth and Amar are seen sitting in the garden and discussing how Sky’s friendship with Amar is very artificial and is nothing more than an act for Sky. On the other hand Sky is seen telling sunny that Amar and Sidharth are after her want her out soon.

As the day ends, we see Sunny and Juhi having a dialogue with the camera where Sunny enacts kicking all the boys out of the house and surviving till the end of the show saying women are no less and are strong enough contenders to win the show.

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