Monday, December 12, 2011

Bigg Boss 5- Surpises in store for contestants

The day starts with the post eviction drama in the Bigg Boss house. All the housemates are seen spell bound and astonished as Mahek Chahel was evicted by the public votes. The housemates were expecting Shonali to bid goodbye to the house, thus they were all left in a state of shock! Shonali herself felt that she was getting evicted. Well at the end of the day, it is the public vote that really counts. Amar And Sky are seen bitching about Siddharth and his childlike behavior. After sometime, the housemates are stunned by a new entry from the confession room. It was none other than Siddharth’s own mother. Siddharth was speechless as he could not believe his eyes. He got to meet his mother after a few years and that too in the Bigg Boss house.  

Siddharth hugged his mom really tightly and greeted her with much love. Siddharth’s mom was welcomed by all the housemates with much love and respect. Everyone offered her something to eat and drink and made sure she felt comfortable in the house.  Siddharth’s mother was sitting in the living area of the house along with all the housemates. Sky was at the kitchen counter and he offers Siddharth’s mom bread and butter, to which Siddharth’s mom responds quite rudely by saying that she doesn’t need any buttering and that Sky can come and sit with the rest of the others.  After a while, they all are seen in the garden area, and Siddharth’s mother picks on Sky yet again and asks his as to why he was so quiet. Sky responds by saying that it was just a gesture of respect for the elders. Siddharth then feels a little uncomfortable about his mom’s over protective nature and requests her not to fight his battle.

After a while Siddharth’s mother is called into the confession room, from where she exits the Bigg Boss house. A new day begins as the housemates wake up to a fun filled Sunday ahead of them. The housemates are seen involved in their daily activities. While everyone is amidst something or the other, Bigg Boss calls Sunny into the confession room. He then introduces Sachin Shroff who happens to be Juhi Parmar’s husband. Sunny sees him and jumps up with joy! Sunny then goes running into the house, gets Juhi and tells her to keep her eyes closed as she has a surprise for her. Juhi keeps her eyes shut, until Sachin walks up to her. She jumps with joy and gives her hubby the biggest hug possible. The actress was extremely excited and glad to see her better half after two & a half long months. Sachin brings in a lot of gifts and goodies for Juhi. He boosts Juhi’s morale by telling her that her fans across the nation are loving her and following the show regularly. Sachin also assures the rest of the housemates that the show is doing exceptionally well and everyone should continue being themselves.

Sachin’s time comes to an end as Bigg Boss announces his time for exit from his house. Sachin hugs Juhi and bids everyone goodbye. Meanwhile, Siddharth speaks to the camera and requests Bigg Boss to send it any sort of ball for Symonds as he doesn’t have any family members in India and the ball is his best friend. In sometime, Madhu who happens to be Sky’s sister walks into the house. She meets Sky and the rest of the housemates and spreads loads of joy and happiness in the house. She spreads a message of peace and walks out of the house, after making an impression on each housemate. The next in line was Shiaz- Shonali’s boy friend. The young artist came into the house and surprised Shonali completely as she expected her family to visit her. The couple are seen sitting in her room and catching up thoroughly. The couple is interrupted every now and then by Siddharth who is more bothered about his image in the outside world.

Everyone shares a few jokes and stories with Shiraz before he leaves the house. Shiraz also warns Shonali about a little something before leaving. The copule hug, embrace each other and Shiraz leaves the house. After so many guest appearances in the Bigg Boss house, the housemates get back to their household chores. While everyone is in the relaxing zone, Hetal who is Amar’s wife walks into the house. Juhi and Siddharth spot her first and welcome her to the house. The couple who have been married for roughly 13 years meet after two and a half months! Amar is overjoyed to see his better half and doesn’t restrain from expressing his emotions. Hetal sits with Amar and the rest of the housemates in the garden area and fills everyone’s ears with many compliments and appreciation. Before leaving Hetal complains about a certain somebody in the house. Amar listens to his wife carefully and hugs her with much love. The day ends with Amar & Shonali’s confrontation.

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