Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sunny turns Mehbooba

The day starts with a classic wake up song and the housemates rise & shine to daylight. Sky and Pooja Misrra are relaxing in the garden area and bitching about Sidharth’s unruly behavior and negative attitude. Siddharth walks in to the garden area and Sky abuses him in front of all. He calls him names and threatens to beat him up outside the Bigg Boss house in front of the whole world. Siddharth says he is not scared of his dirty threats and shouts back at him. Juhi intervenes and tells both the boys to back off and stop fighting early in the morning.

Siddharth and Shonali are then sitting in the garden area, where Siddharth vents to Shonali about Sky’s constant use of his family to insult and instigate him. Shonali tells him to calm down and explains that Sky always says whatever he wants when he is angry and that such things should be ignored. After a while, Siddahrth is seen swimming in the pool as Amar & Sky are sitting beside and bitching about him. Sky continues to threaten and insult Siddharth. Siddharth loses his cool and comes straight up to Sky’s face and tells him that he would beat the living day lights out of him if he doesn’t stop insulting him.

Sky tells Siddharth to back off and finally the duo are detached from each other as Shonali and Amar intervene and push them apart. After this fight, Sky and Amar unite and decide to discontinue the task assigned to them. They blame Siddharth for ruining their sleep and for being a bad captain and decide to boycott the task so that the captain realizes his mistake. Sunny who is the king’s (Symonds) advisor informs the same to the king.

Siddharth tries to convince Amar to help him with the task as he doesn’t have any personal grudges with him. Amar denies his request and expresses his anger as he could sleep only for one hour due to the erratic fight late at night. The king then calls Amar and Sky in front of Sunny and asks them if they would continue the task assigned to them. Both the boys express that they would do all the household chores but not the task as they had decided to boycott the captain.

Sky and Siddharth are then called into the confession room by Bigg Boss. Here, Bigg Boss sternly informs the duo about their obnoxious behavior and gives them a last warning to improve themselves. Both apologize and walk out of the room. Sky, Amar and Juhi are then seen bitching about Siddharth’s loud mouth and as to how irritating his voice gets when he shouts like a maniac. Siddharth is seen talking to the camera and complaining about Sky’s constant threat to him outside the Bigg Boss house.

Shonali then sits down with Siddharth who is seen feeling a little low and upset by the constant abuses and blames. She tries to calm Siddharth down and advices him not to give up so easily. A new task is then launched for the housemates. Juhi reads out the task in front of all the houemates in the living room. The task has a ‘Sholay’ theme. All the housemates are allotted one particular role which they need to enact as well as possible.

Symonds is seen rehearsing for the task along with Siddharth, Juhi, Amar and Sky. Everyone teaches Symonds his dialogues so he can be prepared at the time of the task. Sunny is dressed as ‘Mehbooba’. She performs a sensual dance which brings a smile to all the housemates. The rest of the housemates too perform their acts in an impressive manner. The housemates have a blast during the task. Post the task all the housemates are tired and go to sleep. Sky, Suuny, Amar, Pooja Misrra and Shonali take an apple, put a candle in it and surprise Juhi for her birthday. Everyone sings for her, wish her and leave the room. 

Sky, Pooja Misrra, Sunny and Amar are seen hanging out in the garden area. Here, Sky convinces Pooja Misrra to enact the way Siddarth had behaved when she had pushed him near the bathroom area. Sky joins in and acts like Pooja Misrra. The duo performs an excellent act, leaving everyone laughing on the floor.

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