Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Ek Din Ka Boss

The day in Bigg Boss house begins with an argument between Juhi and Sidharth. Juhi is seen asking Sidharth to splash less water while he swims since the dance floor is right next to the pool and if there is water on the wooden plank then it might get difficult for them to perform. To this Sidharth replies curtly saying he is not doing it intentionally. The both argue over the point for a while and then get back to doing what they were.

After a while, Sidharth and Amar are sitting and talking about Sky being tensed about things in the house. Sidharth continues to talk about Sky and his lame jokes. Sidharth asks Amar never to laugh at the jokes that Sky makes since he makes personal jokes on people and them laughing on his jokes just encourages him all the more to make personal jokes on people around. After Sidharth and Amar end their conversation, Amar head to his room to do Yoga. Watching Amar doing Yoga, Sunny cannot help making faces and mimicking him and cuddles in the quilt next to Juhi and both are seen laughing at Amar.

As the day passes, the contestants get a surprise as the Vodafone ‘Ek Din Ka Boss’ enters the house. The contestants are happy and surprised to have a new member with them for a while in the house.
In the evening, Sky is seen talking aloud about how he thinks his chances of winning this show are very hazy. Listening to this Juhi and Sunny advice Sky to avoid talking like this in front of the other two men and ask him not to be too negative. Sky takes it light and does not bother himself much with all that Juhi tells him.

As the house is left with only five contestants now, Sidharth is seen talking to Amar about how the entire environment of the house has changed. The two go down the memory lane mimicking Shakti Kapoor and Lakshmi and talk about how each of the contestants would always say something or the other and fill the house up. Sidharth tells Amar that now it has all turned very gloomy and silent.
In the evening, Sky goes ahead to tickle Amar on a purpose by telling him that he might win the show and pulls his leg. Amar reacts coldly to this and starts taunting Sky back. The two soon enter a blow-hot-blow-cold argument where they end up making a few personal comments on each other but are finally seen laughing over the matter. Juhi and Sunny are seen enjoying the entire drama between the two and soon Sidharth is also seen joining them and enjoying the conversation.

As the day comes to an end, Sidharth is seen sleeping while the other contestants are seen performing their tasks. All of them laugh and make fun of Sidharth while Juhi says ‘Youth is sleeping’. Juhi and Sunny then go on to make fun of Sidharth and his ever sleepy behavior.

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