Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Girls just wanna have fun

The day begins in the Bigg Boss house and Juhi, Sunny and Sky are seen giving each other a group hug and are happy to see each other around.

After breakfast, Sky and Juhi are seen sitting in the garden area talking about Amar and his “wanna-be” nature. Soon, Amar joins the two and Sky turns the tables and tells Amar that he was just discussing him Juhi and was all praises about him. In a short while, all the five contestants are lounging out in the garden when Amar and Sky subtly start arguing carrying on with last night’s argument. Sky did not like the way Amar stole his thunder last night and started performing on his song wearing Sky’s clothes. Sky picked this up as an opportunity to pounce on Amar. Both have and argument for long on the topic, and soon Juhi and Sunny shift out of the scene. The two go to the washroom and are seen laughing out loud at the way Sky is unnecessarily putting up a fight for no reason. Soon, Sky joins the two women in the washroom and starts laughing too. Juhi tells the two that Sidharth is not getting any content in the entire fight and has been left out of the entire argument.

Once Sky move out of scene, Amar and Sidharth get talking about how Sky has now overdone his stay in the house. Amar tells Sidharth that his jokes are completely nonsensical and that his time on the show has ended and that soon, it should be his turn to pack bags and go back.

As the day progresses, the entire house is seen getting into the task mood. Juhi and Sunny end up enacting a mock fight as they are in the task fervor. The two are then seen taking Sidharth and Amar’s case.

Juhi was taking Amar’s case on the topic of women being the weaklings because apparently a few days back Amar called Juhi a weakling. Sidharth asks Amar if he has ever called the women on the show weaklings to which 

Amar replies back with a staunch no. Amar says that he will never say any such thing to Juhi or to any other 
women in the house. He tells Sidharth that he will soon confront and clear the issue out with Juhi.
As the day progresses, Sunny, Sky and Juhi discuss about Amar and his touchy mannerisms. Sunny tells Sky that she does not like the way Amar was being touchy with the girls during the task. Sky replies back in affirmative saying there was no need of him to do so.

As the day ends, Juhi and Sunny are seen picking on the men again and enact the fight Sky and Amar have in the morning. The two hilariously take the center stage and repeat all that had been boiling between Amar and Sky by making every contestant in the house laugh.

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