Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Andrew Symonds Gets A Translator

When Andrew Symonds decided to enter the Bigg Boss house, one of the biggest challenges that he would face was undoubtedly the language barrier - given that he speaks very minimal Hindi. To combat this issue, Bigg Boss has presented Andrew with a special gift - his very own translator inside the house in the form of evicted contestant Pooja Misrra. While Pooja Misrra's primary role in the Bigg Boss house will be to act as a translator for Andrew Symonds, she will also take this as an opportunity to clear her name of all controversies that surrounded her previous stint inside the house.

Speaking about this opportunity to re-enter the Bigg Boss House, Pooja Misrra said, "I am glad Bigg Boss has given me the opportunity to enter the house again - this time as the voice of Andrew Symonds. I am really excited at being given this opportunity to interact with not only the housemates but also the country at large. I will take this as an opportunity to give him an insight into the Indian culture and will surely teach him as much Hindi as possible."

Pooja Misrra had been asked to leave the Bigg Boss house owing to aggressive and violent behaviour against a fellow contestant. She is extremely excited to get this opportunity to show her true personality to the housemates and win their hearts while playing the role of a translator and close confidante to Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds. So will Pooja Misrra make the most of this second chance and change everyone's mind or will she come back with a vengeance with revenge on her mind?

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