Monday, December 26, 2011

Action packed Christmas

Since it was a no eviction weekend, none of the contestants waved their last byes to the Bigg Boss house. This did not seem to go down well with a few contestants. Juhi, Sky and Sunny were seen cribbing the entire day and Juhi and Sunny were seen crying after the eviction episode.
The cribbing ultimately lead to Sky getting frustrated about all the accusations put on him and his friends during the eviction shoot. Juhi ended up adding fuel to the fire and added her opinions to Sky’s frustration which made him fight his point of not being a part of the show anymore. Soon, Bigg Boss called Sky in the confession room and spoke him into staying back and pacified him.

As the night approaches, the entire house is seen decorated and all the housemates celebrate Christmas. Sidharth and Amar are out and happy while Sunny wants to come out in the garden area and celebrate too, but is seen uncomfortable to step out without Juhi and Sky accompanying her.

On Christmas morning, the contestants are woken up by a Santa, giving them gifts and dancing with them. Soon Mahek removes her mask and Sidharth is seen the happiest to see her back.

Amar had accused Sky a few days back saying he was violent with his ex-girlfriend and stated that Mahek was the source who had told him all of this. Since Mahek is back in the house, Sky gets his chance of clearing this air about his ex-girlfriend. When Amar is proved wrong, sky gets agitated and asks Amar to apologize and threatens Amar of revealing things that people around do not know of him. Amar soon goes up to Sky and apologizes to him.

Seeing Mahek back in the house, everyone in the house tries to get a sense of what all is being spoken of them outside. While Mahek refuses to reveal it all, she still manages to tell Sidharth and Amar what she really feels about Juhi, Sky and Sunny.

As Juhi had been irritated too, Bigg Boss calls her into confession room and talks to her too. Juhi is seen discussing this with Sky and Sunny and is finally seen in a happy mood. She soon goes up to Amar and Sidharth and hugs them and wishes them ‘Merry Christmas’ and also apologizes to them.

As the day ends, Juhi, sunny and Sky are seen talking where Sky calls Juhi the mastermind and told her that while he was irritated and wanted to leave the house, Juhi’s support just made his feeling stronger and he was sure that he wanted to leave the house and go. The trio laugh over it and are seen making fun of the entire scene that occurred the day before.

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