Friday, December 16, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Andrew Symonds to play Munnabhai

The day starts with the entertaining song – ‘desi girl’. The housemates wake up and dance to the tunes of the song. Sunny is seen complaining to Shonali about Siddharth. She tells Shonali to tell Siddharth to complete his household chores as she doesn’t want to talk to him. Meanwhile, Sky and Amar are seen in the dining room having breakfast with Pooja Misrra.

Sky and Amar are mock Pooja Misrra fo her image cleaning stride with which she came back to the show. Amar & Sky team up and blame Pooja Misrra’s failure for being involved with Siddharth. Sky tells Pooja Misrra that her effort of cleaning her image has gone to dogs because of Siddharth’s behavior. Amar and Sky laugh at Pooja Misrra’s stupidity and don’t give her a chance to speak.

After this, Pooja Misrra finally warns Amar in a jovial way to spare her otherwise she would complain to her brother. Pooja adds by saying that her brother is six feet and eight inches tall. Amar laughs at her and mocks her for the same. Sky joins the party and mocks Pooja Misrra by saying that Siddharth is the warrior boy amongst the three and her brother should be scared of him rather. The boys crack up yet again and Pooja Misrra continues to praise her brother.

Pooja Misrra then targets Shonali. She is seen in the room with Amar where she bitches about Shonali’s sly flirting with Siddharth due to which her boy friend in the outside world is getting affected. Pooja reasons with Amar on the same issue and Amar agrees with her. Shonali is then seen approaching Siddharth to ask him about the household chores’ duty. Siddharth explains that mopping was Pooja Misrra’s responsibility during his captaincy. He then blames Sunny for poking her nose unnecessarily all the time without knowing anything.

The mopping debate then extends to the room where almost all the houseamtes are seated. Juhi calls Siddharth and Pooja Misrra in to sort the whole issue out. Finally after a lot of convincing and the usual blame game, Siddharth & Pooja Misrra agrees to sweep and mop the floor respectively. Pooja Misrra is then seen mopping, Sky comments on her dressing sense and calls her aThailand ki phoolawari ! Pooja Misrra laughs sarcastically and continues her work. Sky cracks up at her and continues to make fun of her dressing.        

Pooja Misrra and Amar are seen in the bathroom area. Here, Pooja Misrra justifies her dressing sense to Amar by saying that it is her choice of what to and what not to wear. She even goes to the extent of comparing her innocence with Suuny. Amar just shakes her hand and tells her that it is definitely her choice to wear what she is comfortable in!

The Munnabhai task is then announced by Siddharth to all the housemates. All the housemates are assigned a particular role. Symonds is Munna Bhai and Sky is circuit. One by one all the housemates come and enact their skits with Muuna Bhai. Munna Bhai gives a ‘jadoo ki jhappi’ to all the patients. The housemates perform the task rather professionally without compromising on the pun quotient.  The housemates then prepare themselves for a danc eon the super hit track- ‘seekh le’ from Munna Bhai.

Post the dance, Sunny and Juhi sit together in the garden area and bitch about Shonali’s repetitive expressions and Pooja Misrra’s horrible style statement. The girls giggle over their counterparts. Juhi is sits with Siddharth and advices him not to fight and use the same abuses over and over again in every fight. Sky sees this and gets irritated. Later on, before sleeping Juhi explains her story to Sky. Initially Sky retaliates but eventually the brother and sister patch up and go to sleep

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