Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Double Dhamaal

The day starts with a very relevant wake up song called ‘chori pe chori’ , as the prisoners and the jailers wake up and groove to this number. Juhi & Mahek are seen in the kitchen area where Juhi is preparing some tea. Mahek tries to clear out the previous night’s misunderstandings. Initially, Juhi refuses to talk but eventually they discuss as to how the situation in the house is changing steadily and people are becoming immune to any kind of emotional attachments and considering every little thing as a part of the game.

Meanwhile, as Mahek and Juhi walk out to the activity area, Mahek slyly tries to steal the locker’s keys from the jailers. Unfortunately she doesn’t find it in the top drawer, much to Shonali’s and Juhi’s excitement! As they had intentionally hid it in the second drawer. Mahek laughs at herself and goes into the bathroom. In sometime, Bigg Boss sends out a letter for Juhi to read in front of all the housemates. The letter declared the completion of the weekly task. The jailers were extremely excited whereas the prisoners weren’t too happy as the locker keys with the jailers.

The housemates get involved with their day to day activities. While all are in the house, an announcement is made wherein a flight from Sydney has landed in the activity area. The housemates run to see the face of the latest entrant in the house. The flight opens up and none other than Andrew Symonds walks out of the personal charter. The housemates welcome him with applause, hugs & handshakes. Siddharth of all the housemates is the most excited to see him. He was all over Symonds from the minute he walked in. He followed Andrew wherever he went almost like his tail.  The rest of the housemates sit down and discuss Andrew Symonds’ entry and suspect if he is a housemate or just a guest entry.
A sporting Andrew offers to help the housemates by willing to clean the carpet. The hulky cricketer volunteers to help and does clean the carpet in the verandah. Now that is something nobody in the house has ever done. Sky commented on this behavior by Andrew as he tells Sunny that all this attention he is enjoying would hardly last for than more a week. After sometime all the housemates clarify from Andrew if he was actually a contestant or a guest entry, to which he replies with much assurance. Bigg Boss then announces that he is sending Andrew a gift in the form of a translator. All the housemates get curious to know who or what the translator is.

Their inquisitiveness is put to rest as they enter the storeroom to find a sealed wooden box. Amar & Sky open the box to see none other than Pooja Misrra in the box! She was wearing a joker attire. The housemates literally take a step back, especially Siddharth who is astonished to see her. Everyone bursts into laughter and welcome Pooja Misrra back to the house with hugs and embraces. After she meets and greets all the housemates she starts talking about her image in the outside world due to her stay in the big Boss house. 

Pooja Misrra is seen all energetic and full of life. When Sky asks her about his image in the outside world, she laughs and mocks Sky by telling him that people have developed a huge fan following for him outside. Sky doesn’t appreciate her sarcasm much but he laughs it off. Pooja Misrra then strikes a conversation with Sunny and requests her to reveal her true identity to the housemates as it has been a while now an sooner or later one would find out. Sunny appreciates her concern but pleads to maintain her secrecy to the rest of the housemates. After all the action, the housemates feel a little tired and the lights go off! Andrew Says goodnight to Siddharth and the rest of the housemates and goes to sleep. Pooja Misrra then takes her blanket and pillows to the couch. She comes and hangs out with Sunny & Sky as the rest of the housemates go to sleep as well.

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