Friday, December 23, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Toxic Fun

The day begins on a very chirpy note in the house. Amar is seen grooving while Sunny and Sky exchange pleasantries. Sidharth and Amar are seen discussing how both of them have been playing games lately and have been doing all of it for their own good.

All five are sitting in the garden discussing Amar and Juhi’s dance when Sky pulls Amar leg by asking the women if Amar’s dance looked desperate or no. Amar takes it up from here stating that the girls will obviously agree and starts pointing out at the chemistry the trio (Juhi, Sky and Sunny) share. Sky, continuing with the humor plays around with Amar when the two are just chilling in the afternoon playing with the phones that have been given to them as props. Sky quizzes Amar on what would Amar do if he wins finale and tries to pull Amar down.

After so much of leg pulling by Sky, Amar is seen clearly trying to avoid Sky, but Sky continues to follow Amar and asks Amar to sit and chat with him. When Amar refuses is when Sky tells him that Amar can sit and chat with Sidharth all day long, but he does not sit and talk to Sky as much. Amar backs out again saying nothing.

As Amar enters the pink room in the afternoon, Sky is seen sitting there chatting with the girls. Once Amar enters, Sky points it out to the girls that Amar thinks of the girls in the house to be weaklings which Amar pounces back saying Sky is the one who has disrespected women the most on the show. Sky again invites Juhi and Sunny to comment on the topic and Juhi takes no time to jump into the argument and agree to the fact that Amar has been calling the women of the house as weaklings. Amar walks out of the scene and accuses Sky of creating unnecessary drama in the house. Sky laughs it off and pays no attention to what Amar has been saying.

Sidharth tries to gain momentum in the fight and tries to talk to Amar about the issue, but Amar plays smart and does not open up much with him. The three boys are seen sitting outside and talking and Sky behaves as if he has forgotten everything. Seeing this Juhi says she can never understand Sky’s behavior.

The contestants are seen discussing the same argument entire evening apart from their tasks and the day comes to an end with all the contestants in the house being divided into groups and trying to play their own games.

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