Friday, December 2, 2011

Mahek meets with accident

The morning sun in Bigg Boss house brings along bruises for Mahek as she bangs her head on the glass door while walking across the room. Not only is she badly injured, but she also ends up breaking the lock of the door.
As the day progresses, everyone in the house is seen discussing captain nominations. On one hand, where there is Sidharth trying to coax Amar, Mahek and Shraddha at different events to nominate him as the captain, on the other hand there was Juhi, Sky and Sunny talking of how they can make Juhi the captain.
Sidharth tries convincing Amar to vote for him and make him the captain. Amar replies back saying he has already promised Juhi and that he cannot deter from his words. Sidharth tries coaxing Amar talking about the game and nominations, but nothing works. He tries talking to Shraddha and Mahek too and asks them to vote for him as the captain. He tries playing his brother card with Shraddha. In a while, Sky and Sunny talk about how Shonali will definitely vote for Sidharth and they confirm the same with Juhi. Sky also tells Juhi that Shraddha might back off too. 
In a while, Sidharth is seen upset over the way things are taking place in the house. This in return irritates the housemates and they talk about how every small little thing in the house is good enough a reason for Sidharth to be on fire. They also talk about how he has been playing his ‘brother’ card for so long now and has been planning his captainship for long.
As the day passes, we see Amar and Sunny preparing for the task and are seen talking and having fun with each other. The two seem to have become good friends and are seen exchanging pleasantries every now and then.
After seeing all that is happening, Shonali goes to talk to Sidharth. The two end up having a small argument where Shraddha ends up supporting Sidharth. Seeing Shonali upset after the argument, Sunny rushes to her to pacify her and tells her that Sidharth is not her best friend and she should not take all this too personally and seriously.
Amar, Sunny and Shonali are talking when Sky enters the room and joins the fun. He talks about how he is missing Lakshmi and taunts Amar.
In the evening, Sky is seen talking to Juhi and Sunny in the garden area. Juhi tells Sky that Pooja Bedi would watching them sitting at home and would be so proud of the way they have been performing their tasks and not fighting much with people.
As the day ends, Sky hugs Shonali and apologizes to her for all the arguments and misunderstandings that they have had in the past. Shonali hugs him back and the two wish each other goodnight.
With a decreasing number of contestants remaining, everyone in the house is seen having good fun. They all are seen enjoying each other’s company throughout.

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