Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shonali and Sunny make peace

A new morning in the house brings along a new cue for the contestants to believe that there might be a new guest in the house soon. The prop that is sent inside the house this time is a pair of gloves which makes various contestants believe in various things. A few believe it to be a cricketer entering the house, while the other few think it might related to a particular task.
Soon Sky, Amar and Juhi are seen sitting and discussing about Shonali and Sunny’s cold war. Sky plays his cards well and creates the confusion between the duo and is later seen happily walking away saying it is better to leave the matter as it is and make sure that the two do not talk to each other.
In a while, Sunny walks into the Captain room to talk to Juhi and tells her that she does not care now if Shonali finds out that Sunny did save her in the confession room because she knows she said nothing but the truth.
As the day progresses, Sidharth is seen agitated with Amar over last evening’s issue and comes back to mock him when Amar does not react. After Sidharth moves away, Amar discusses this with Sky. He tells Sky that he will ignore Sidharth and will not reply back to any of what Sidharth tells him. Sky tells Amar that ‘Sidharth’s element of nuisance’ would continue to persist and that might probably make him survive this week. He also continues to talk with Amar about the top three contestants who would make it to the finals and both are seen sitting and discussing the games Sidharth is playing in the house.
Mahek and Sidharth are then seen in the kitchen bitching about Amar and his stupid games. Mahek tells Sidharth that every week that Amar is nominated he picks up an unnecessary fight and plays on it the entire week.
As the day progresses, Sky goes to talk to Shonali and confesses to her about what had Sunny actually said in the confession room. Shonali immediately goes out and hugs Sunny and apologizes to Sunny and Sky clears his stance of creating the confusion.
In the evening, Sky and Juhi are seen discussing Sidharth and Shonali sitting in the garden. Sky makes fun of Shonali telling Juhi that whosoever tries to take care or be with Shonali will ultimately end up losing control on them self.
At the end of the day, Juhi, Sunny, Sky, Amar and Shonali are seen sitting and discussing Sidharth and his childlike attitude. They talk about how Sidharth acts too desperate to get things done and that he does not think twice before doing anything. Shonali says that his problem is that his timing of picking up a fight is too bad. Sky says that he has mixed feelings for Sidharth and that he can’t get over the fact that Sidharth is nothing but a kid. To this, Amar and Sunny add on saying they do not think he is a kid at all and if the two ever get a chance they would never want to meet Sidharth ever again their lives. They talk about how Sidharth is still stuck on his Splitsvilla fame and cannot look beyond it.
Juhi is then seen discussing with Shonali about Sidharth’s overconfidence and the two talk about how he is overconfident each time and in the overconfidence, he fails to prove himself and loses on every task given to him.

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