Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sunny's heat stroke genuine or an act?

The weekly task of ‘Jailer ki jai jai, kaidi ki hai hai’ seems to have taken a toll on the contestants. Their involvement in the task has reached nauseating heights. Early in the morning, Mahek tries stealing the locker keys, but due to Sidharth’s tight security she fails at doing what she wants to and the two teams end up having an argument. While the two teams were busy arguing, Amar slyly steals the keys and goes to sleep. It is only after sunrise that Shonali and Sidharth realize that the keys have been missing.
As the two report the incident to Juhi, Juhi gets agitated and argues over it with Amar, Sky and Mahek. She points a finger at Mahek and Sky saying they are not playing a fair game. Soon Sidharth is very happy since they get a letter from Bigg Boss stating that Amar should return the keys.
Once they get the keys back, Sunny gets a heat stroke and starts feeling giddy. Soon Sunny gets out of the jail to sit in the shade for a while and while she’s out, she winks at the prisoners inside so that they can utilize this as their chance and steal the keys. Sky makes use of the opportunity and runs to get the keys from the drawer when Shonali runs behind him and asks him to leave the keys. Soon there is a big ruckus created out of the key being stolen and the housemates enter into a huge argument. When the prisoners are asked about the keys, all of them refuse and say that they do not have the keys. In the entire ruckus, Sky throws the keys at Mahek and Juhi assures that Mahek has the keys but she cannot physically go and get the keys.
Sunny is seen sitting near the water filter shivering due to her heat stroke when Juhi comes to her and tells her that her act of winking to the prisoners would turn out to be futile for her own self. Sunny replies back to this saying this is a game and that to make her team survive she needed to do it. And also assures Juhi that her heat stroke was not a part of the game plan but it was something really genuine.
Seeing all that has been happening around, Juhi breaks down and expresses her agitation of not being able to play the game. She soon gets up to say that she does not think she would want to play the game.
The day ends on a gloomy note where the all contestants are seen unhappy with the task and refuse to carry on with the task.

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