Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Andrew Symonds in a new avatar

The day starts with a rocking song and all the housemates wake up and dance to the tunes of the song. Sunny and Pooja Missra are seen together in the green room. Sunny shares her opinion regarding Shonali’s & Amar’s issue. She tells Pooja Misrra that if she was in Shonali’s place and if she felt uncomfortable around Amar or any other guy then she wouldn’t sit, speak or share anything with that person ever. Pooja Misrra gets her point and tells Sunny to inform the same to Shonali as she needs to get the point across. The task letter comes in and Pooja Misrra announces the whereabouts of the task to all the housemates seated in the living area.

Andrew Symonds gets ready for the task and tries to put on his costume. Pooja Misrra and Juhi help him out by assisting him to wear his ‘dhoti’. After sometime, Pooja Misrra fans Symonds and cracks a few of her trademark sarcastic dialogues. When Pooja Misrra asks Symonds if he wants anything, he responds by saying that he wants some peace and silence, indirectly telling her to keep quiet. The housemates around watch this and burst into laughter. The housemates have lunch in the dining table. Here Siddharth tells Pooja Misrra to keep quiet in a jovial manner but Pooja takes it badly and walks off. Siddharth also comments on Sunny’s dumbness as she did not hear him properly. Sunny tells him to repeat his words but he doesn’t . Sunny then goes into the room  to call Pooja Misrra and requests her to come back and not feel bad for Siddharth’s words.

All the housemates are then seen seated in the garden area. Siddharth is upset with Pooja Misrra as she did not clean the bathroom area thoroughly and apparently when he requested her to clean it again, she told him that, it was the best she could do and if he still has a problem with her then he could clean it himself. Siddharth brings out this topic in front of others. Pooja Misrra retaliates and justifies her statement by saying that she would clean it once she could change into more comfortable clothes. Eventually Pooja Misrra gets up and cleans the bathroom area along with Siddharth, the rest of the housemates cannot help but laugh at the duo.

Symonds then tells Pooja Misrra very sternly that she is not doing a nice job in translating everything and warns her that if she doesn’t buck up then he would be forced to take action against her. Pooja Misrra apologises and promises to do a better job. Symonds then tells her to read the task letter very carefully and explain every word in detail to him. The letter had details relating to the completion of the task during the night. After a while, the housemates are seen spending time together in the garden area. Here Amar amuses Symonds by tickling him.  All the housemates including Symonds have a hearty laugh. Sky joins the party  by playing a small prank on Symonds which again gets everyone to laugh. Post this all the housemates are tired and seen cozying in their respective beds. Everyone wishes Andrew goodnight and go to sleep.

Late at night somewhere around 2:30 am Sky wakes Siddharth up to continue his task. Siddharth wakes up and hardly does his duty and wakes Amar up. Sky who is in the same room, sees this and blames Siddharth for not doing his job well and waking up Amar for no reason. Siddharth retaliates and the two get into a very heated argument. Symonds and the rest of the housemates wake up due to the commotion. Eventually Symonds solves the issue temporarily and puts everyone to sleep.

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