Friday, December 30, 2011

Bigg Boss 5-Friends for benifit

As the day begins, the track ‘Loose control’ gives a hint to each contestant of living their best in this last week of the show. As the day begins, starts Sidharth’s and Amar’s picking on Sky. The two again fool Sky by a fake secret task.

As the scene shifts, we see Mahek bitching about Amar to Sidharth and called him spineless while reiterating the fact that he is just too desperate to win the show.

In the afternoon, Amar is seen bitching to Sky about Sidharth. The two talk about how Sidharth is way too aggressive and childish in his behavior. The two get talking about how much he has lied on the show. Amar tells Sky that he regrets backing Sidharth. Looking at the two men talking, Sidharth tells Juhi and Mahek that the ‘Jai and Veeru’ bonding is back in action.

Once Amar comes back into the room, Sidharth asks Amar if he has gAs one and spoken any of their discussions to Sky. Amar immediately retaliates listening to this and says he was not sitting with Sky to talk about others. Mahek tells him that he has played double-faced earlier and hence this doubt now. The trio ends up having an argument over the same.

During the day, Mahek gets to watch the video of her talking about her niece to Juhi. Mahek breaks down after watching the video and immediately the entire house is with her to console her.

As the day progresses, Sunny tells Juhi that Sidharth has not completed his part of house cleaning which stops her from finishing her work. Juhi takes this up with Sidharth and soon the entire house is seen rolling into it. Mahek and Juhi have an argument and Sky has an argument with Sidharth over the issue. Soon Mahek takes Sidharth to the pink room a
and calms him down, but when Sidharth comes out, he sees Sunny and Sky doing his part of the house cleaning. This irritates him all the more but he makes sure that since he hasn’t done his work, he compensates by cooking dinner.

In the evening, Sidharth is seen going up to Juhi and patching up with her. The two hug and apologize to each other and forget all their differences. After the patch up, Juhi is seen discussing it with Amar over dishwashing saying she does not understand Sidharth. Amar said it was all nothing but an emotional ride for Sidharth in which he came up to Juhi and patched up with her.

As the day ends, Sky and gang are seen sitting in the garden area and discussing about the evening drama. Juhi tells Sky that she is happy being with him as he is such a clean-hearted man. The two also discuss about how Sidharth is good only from a distance. Juhi tells Sky that incase anything pops up in the future with Sidharth, she will just put Sky on the front to sort it out with him.

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