Friday, October 11, 2013

Meena steals Chavi's jewelry

In Diya Aur Baati Hum this week, Meena steals Chavi’s jewelry and wears it to her cousin’s wedding. Incidentally Sooraj and Sandhya are also in the same wedding as Sooraj has got a mithai contract. Sandhya sees Meena wearing Chavi’s jewelry and reprimands her. Meena promises to return it back. In the wedding, Meena loses an earring which incidentally ends up in one of the mithais of Sooraj. Meena is tensed. Emily tells Chavi that Meena has taken her jewelry without informing her. Chavi is furious. Meena is very scared and as she lands up at the house after the wedding she is reprimanded by chavi. Chavi comes to know that Meena has lost one of the earrings. She asks her to pay for it. Meanwhile Sooraj and Sandhya come to know that the jewlery bought by Bhabho is fake as the jewlery loses its color. Bhabho reveals to the family that jewelry is fake. Chavi’s in laws come to take the marriage jewelry. Everyone is tensed.

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