Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Holi masti with thes stars

Vishal Malhotra aka Dr Rangnath of Kuch To Log kahenge- I will play holi this year with my wife, family and friends at my residence. It will be Dry Holi because of scarcity of water in some parts of our country. My most memorable Holi was in 2011, it was my first holi after marriage. It was too beautiful.
Ishita Sharma aka Anji of Kuch To Log Kahenge-
I've grown up in Dehradhun where I used to play holi with my family and relatives, with lots of colors and balloons. My brother and I used to play with eggs and tomatoes; we really enjoy the festival to the fullest.
Mohit Malhotra aka Kartik of Bade Acche Laggte Hain-
 I always celebrate Holi with my family and friends. I still remember my Holi when I was in school, I was in Delhi, my friends and I  went out to play on streets, and we colored everyone and threw water balloons and eggs on everyone came our way.
Eva Grover aka Niharika of Bade Acche Laggte Hain -
I always celebrate holi at my home by worshipping god. Usually I don’t play holi, but since my daughter loves it, we play with plain water. I don’t like playing Holi with colours.
Rupaly Ganguly aka Pinky of Parvarrish-
I love holi, it’s my favourite festival. I've always played very wild holi with my friends and family using tomatoes, eggs and colours. I still remember once I had fever but still I played holi with water and not only that I also ate laddu which were full of bhang. Now you can imagine how my holi would be?
Chahatt Khanna aka Ayesha Sharma of Bade Acche Laggte Hain
Holi- it’s my favorite festival since. Holi is a festival of colours. My last holi was the best one, it was my memorable holi. This year also I will celebrate with my family and friends and will surely rock.
Karan Wahi aka Rohan of Kuch To Log Kahenge- I never play holi, so this year also I'll do what always do, I will sleep and will play cricket. But I still remember my first holi in mumbai when I was drunk and everyone was laughing at me.
Vivek Mushran aka Lucky of Parvarrish- - I will play holi with my friends, with colors and it will be a dry holi, I don’t want to waste water. And will surely enjoy with delicious lunch.
 Anchal aka Raavee of Parvarrish- I will play holi with my building friends. Last Holi was my most memorable holi, it was also my mom’s birthday that day. But I am very scared of playing with permanent color. So always play with water or gulal.

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