Monday, October 15, 2012

Maanvi gets into trouble with Vadheras'.

Maanvi is welcomed as the Bahu of the Vadhera house. Virat - Maanvi have the most unusual wedding night, it ends up in a friendly banter. Maanvi prepares Kheer for the entire family but it doesnt taste good. Swamini delegates the responsibility of the house to Maanvi and asks Jeevika to supervise her work. Maanvi and Virat gets late for dinner due to which Dadaji doesn't let them have food with the family. Maanvi and Virat get upset after this. Maanvi decides to take up the house responsibility. She finds an old album which has Swamini's picture with an unknown man, she begins to enquire but Swamini blasts her.

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