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- By Astro Numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi

ARIES (22nd March – 20th April)

Your social prestige and respectability will be enhanced. Try to project a pleasant disposition. For students, success will come after some setbacks. Love relations will bring happiness.Improvement with your children is indicated. Your enemies will not succeed in harming you. There will be bliss in your marital relations. Have faith in religious activities. Opportunities of progress in the field of work will knock at your doorstep. The latter half of the year will be more profitable and pleasurable for you. Small journeys will be there. Your heart will be filled with happiness. During journeys, be careful of your eating habits lest you may face health related problems. Plans of expanding your business should be executed after much scrutiny.

TAURUS (21st April – 21st May)
Avoid getting involved in any controversies. Your wealth will be enhanced. The harmony between the family members will be at its peak. You may have aversion for physical luxuries and comforts. There may be some disputes between you and your siblings. Do not take hasty and rash decisions.For sale and purchase of land, property, vehicle etc. the period is auspicious. However, do not take any decision in a hurry. The support and cooperation from your parents will be increased.Enhancement in work related capabilities, enthusiasm and potential are also indicated. However, you have to guard your social prestige and respectability.For students, this year will be excellent. You will be in a state of dilemma in your love affair.

GEMINI (22nd May – 21st June)

Improvement in court cases will be there.Lack of harmony between husband and wife will be a cause of concern. You will be distracted from religious activities. In business, you will find positive results and if in job, promotion is in the offing. Positive thinking will bring you fame and popularity. Avoid over exerting yourself physically as well as mentally. This year will prove to be progressive after some struggle. Take good care of your health. Try to strengthen your financial position. People working as consultants will be honoured.In the first half of the year, you may gain through your friends.Take cautious measures while making any financial decisions. Try to avoid taking loans.You may have to splurge away your savings. Try to behave well with others and maintain a pleasant disposition.

CANCER (22nd June – 22nd July)
Avoid spicy food. Disputes will be there between you and your siblings. Try to control your temper.
The latter half of the year will be fruitful for sale and purchase of land, house, vehicle etc. Maintain good vibes with your parents. A religious journey is also probable. You will volunteer and contribute towards social work. Feelings of charity will grow in your heart.For students, the period is convenient and congenial for studies. They will come out with flying colours. The long lasting problems in love relations may cause some mental tension. Keep your children under control. Be wary and cautious of your enemies. Lack of harmony between husband and wife could be there. You will be inclined towards religious activities.

LEO (23rd July – 22nd August)

Working in cooperation with friends will be fruitful. Long distance journeys are also indicated. Take good care of your spouse’s health. Invest wisely and take major decisions keeping your limitations and circumstances in mind. A few ventures will come through after some struggle. Try to build a rapport with the other family members. You will get the support and cooperation from your siblings. Valour and patience will be increased. You will be inclined towards literature, music etc.Do not take hasty decisions in matters of property vehicle, house etc. Take care of your mother's health. Students will be distracted from their studies. Mutual care is required in love relations.Spend quality time with your children. For success in litigation, the second half of the year will be more auspicious.

VIRGO (23rd August – 22nd September)

Keep your temper under control. Your children will witness many vistas of opportunity opened up for you. Be cautious in court cases and do not trust anyone in haste.Mutual harmony and cooperation will be there between husband and wife. They will have caring and loving approach towards each other. A trip to some beautiful place is also indicated. You will be inclined towards religious activities. Struggle will be there in your field of work.Your social respect and prestige will be enhanced. Your work capabilities will also   improve. Feelings of charity will fill your heart. Students will be distracted from their studies. They may try to find means of earning. In love relations, take decisions sensibly.Extra expenditures are indicated in the first half. Generally, there will be mutual harmony between husband and wife.

LIBRA (23rd September – 23rd October)

The second half of the year will be more propitious. Increase in luxurious items at home is probable. A foreign trip is in the offing. Inclination towards religious activities keeps you involved in worship, tantra mantra etc. Practise self-control and try to control your anger.
Try to keep yourself busy in something constructive.There will be improvement in your financial position. Your savings may fetch you great returns. Increase in income is also expected. You will be inclined towards music, travelling to tourist places, entertainment etc. You are likely to extend financial help to your siblings.
Do not display unnecessary courage in worthless situations. Mutual bliss is indicated. You will be inclined towards religious activities.

SCORPIO (24th October – 21st November)
There will be an enhanced interest in students towards their studies. Emotional bonding in love relations will strengthen.Try to understand the feelings and emotions of your children and treat them accordingly. You may have to spend money for their progress. Your enemies may try to befriend you.Mutual harmony and love will be enhanced between husband and wife. There may be an increase in your family responsibilities. Health wise, there will be no causes for worry. You will be inclined towards religious activities. Those in business should adapt a patient and controlled approach. You may expand your business. Those in job may have to put in extra efforts. Promotions can also be expected for those who are in job. If you work hard, you will get due results in your job.

SAGITTARIUS (22nd November – 21st December)

This year will bring mental peace and progress. Try to utilize your time well and concentrate on your work area. This will bring good gains for you and keep you in high spirits. You may meet highly respectable and famous personalities. Health wise no major problems are indicated. You will take interest in sorting out family problems. Investments may bring you great profits. You will benefit in your existing ventures. If you treat your siblings well, they will extend their support and cooperation to you. Your self-confidence will be on a high. Be polite. Short journeys are indicated.For sale and purchase of property, the period is auspicious. Try to respect the feeling of your parents.

CAPRICORN (22nd December – 20th January)

Happiness and progress is the key word this year. The income expenditure ratio will be synchronized. The second half of the year will bring results that are more positive.Practice caution when on long distance journeys. Avoid unnecessary expenditure and try to control your temper.Financially the prospects are good in the second half of the year but money will be splurged all the same during this period. You may have to face setbacks and hurdles. Purchase of electronic items is also probable. Try to spend quality time and build a good rapport with your family members to attain good results. Keep up your valor and courage.The period is luckier in the first half of the year for the purchase of land, house, vehicle etc.

AQUARIUS (21st January – 21st February)

Your parents will provide you with love and support and your prestige and respect in the society will be enhanced.For students, this year will be auspicious.
However, they have to concentrate hard on their studies. Mutual trust is the name of the game in love relations.You must understand the feelings and emotions of your children. Take decision only after much introspection and speculation. Be cautions in litigation as well as of enemies.There may be a rift between husband and wife. You will be inclined towards religions activities. Tension at the place of work may bother you. Chances of purchase of new property are also there.

PISCES (22nd February – 21st March)

There are very vague chances of this year bringing positive results for you. This year indicates too much struggle. However, the second half of the year will bring profits and gains. Your long awaited plans will come through. Avoid taking any adventurous or risky steps. Maintain your patience and self-control. Also try to refrain from unnecessary running around. Take very good care of your health. Opportunities to strengthen your financial position will knock at your doorstep. Profits will be followed by expenditure. Family responsibilities may have to be borne by you this year. Your close friends will be supportive and co-operative. Politeness and sweet tongue will prove to be a boon. However, lack of positive attitude from your siblings may bog you down.


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